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  • Victor Solis - Sound strategies and useful additional SAT practice problemsAs an experienced SAT and standardized test instructor, I always first use the books from the test publishers: College Board "Official SAT Study Guide," Peterson "Real ACT" for the ACT. The rationale is to have students work on the most accurate problems. The shortcomings of those publishers' books, however, are in the strategies: they are not succinctly explained, especially for high school attention spans. A book like Dr. Gruber's clearly provides easy-to-understand strategies and techniques for each problem type.

    One of my students in 2011 introduced me to the Gruber book which is a well-researched compilation of techniques and practice problems. The student was a high-achiever who understood that Dr. Gruber's book is a third-party book with its own proprietary practice problems, so our question was, 'How similar are these problems to the actual SAT test?' We compared them and found a close correlation between the Gruber book and the College Board SAT tests.

    Based on this student's experience (his total scores were above 2200 out of 2400), he was definitely benefitting from using Dr. Gruber's book. He understood the strategies and applied them well to the practice problems. The bottom line is that if you use this book, you will increase your score and become a better test taker if you first understand the strategies, apply them objectively, reflect on your incorrect problems, and practice consistently. If so, you can use Dr. Gruber's book to achieve success. Best of luck!