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  • bmd lover - Very easy to learnThis camera is amazingly intuitative. It makes learning what it can do very easy. I hate big books of instructions to pack around. It replaces a larger Canon I bought a couple years ago, but could not afford the lenses to make it do what I want. This one meets all those needs and is much less bulky. Very pleased.
  • rob - Now this colon cleanse works!I have tried other colon cleanses and this one definitely works for me. i take less pills than what is instructed and it still works wonders. A+++
  • michelle - Keeps kids of single mothers in place too!!I bought this binder hoping that it would help me raise my 2 children after I heard Mitt Romney say that since I was a single mother, my kids would grow up and someday, quite possibly, get a hold of AK47's and go on mass killing sprees. I just could not let that happen. After the third time of my kids back talking me, this binder has been a God-send!! Whenever they get disrespectful, I grab my binder, wave it around, open it up a few times, and they immediately stop whatever they were doing and behave!! I'm going to have to order a backup, ASAP just in case my binder winds up missing. I don't know how I have lived without one for so long!! Thank you, Mitt Romney!!