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  • Jimmy Post "Jimmy Post" - Program Works - Ignore the Negative ReviewsI have been a loyal Quicken user since 1992 and was an original beta tester in the early days. I typically upgrade every 2-3 years and after migrating to the Mac six years ago, use Quicken within a Windows XP Parallels virtual machine. I religiously enter every transaction and track dozens of investment positions that has resulted in a large 123 MB QDF Quicken file. I was using Quicken Premier 2011 and several times this year contemplating upgrading to Quicken 2013 but decided not to after reading the negative reviews on Amazon. Last week I ordered TurboTax and decided to splurge for Quicken Premier 2013 since it was only $35 after the TurboTax and Amazon discounts.

    I was fearful of all the problems I would encounter installing Quicken 2013 but simply cloned my Parallels virtual machine, created a backup QDF file and figured if it was buggy and bombed, I would simply return to my 2011 virtual machine and not have the nightmare of uninstalling the 2013 version and having to reinstall the older 2011. Having the virtual machines certainly made me more comfortable when installing Quicken 2013 it states it needs to uninstall my 2011 version which was working just fine.

    I have had absolutely no problem with Quicken Premier 2013! It installed without a problem and converted my 123 MB file to the new version quickly. I track finances and investments on my iPhone and iPad so I was looking forward to Quicken Mobile that is included in this version. Reviews stated this didn't work but for me it worked perfectly fine. It's basically a similar format as Mint but without the investment accounts. What is superior to Mint is that the transactions are categorized 100% correctly, which is not the case with Mint and I find frustrating. With the Quicken mobile app, it uses my self designated categories from the desktop application which is far superior than what Mint does, often incorrectly. The iPhone version is basic but the iPad version has many more bells and whistles being able to view nice spending and net income graphs that are customizable over different time periods up to 12 months. Bottom line, Quicken mobile is much better than Mint for tracking your non-investment financial data on an iOS device. I would recommend USA Today Portfolio Tracker, Wikinvest and Personal Capital for tracking your investments on an iOS device.

    Compared with Quicken Premier 2011, I can't say 2013 has many more additions. I do like the Separate Accounts section which is new. I keep my home mortgage there rather than greying out the total like in prior versions. Plus this Separate Accounts section gives you quick access to all your closed or hidden accounts if desired. There are a few nice investment graphs that are now available for the home screen that weren't available two years ago. My only issue which is very minor is that I've had trouble getting a few saved reports or graphs to work when added to the tool bar at the top but this is trivial as they are accessible from the Reports page. I was hoping Intuit would have finally given the user the option of graphing the actual YTD investment return (ROI I think) as opposed to the annualized return (IRR). Unfortunately they haven't.

    I never leave reviews but wanted to for Quicken 2013. If it wasn't for the TurboTax discount, I would still be using 2011 based on all these negative reviews. By the way, TurboTax 2012 will only import data from Quicken 2011-2013 which makes me think I would have had to update by next year to get my Quicken data into next year's TurboTax application. The mobile app is very nice. The application and conversion process worked fine. Ignore the negative reviews and get Quicken 2013 if you want it.
  • G. Hayes "Debilynn" - Stupendous Product!This is the third tablet I have purchased. I returned the other two within the first week. The Samsung Galaxy Tab2 out-performs all the other tablets I have used. Can't say enough about the above average technology on the Samsung products. Love it!!