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  • George Wey - Office for Mac Home & Student 2011Office for Mac Home & Student 2011

    Office for Mac 2011 is great for creating compatible files to use on PC or vise versa. Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used programs for school, home, and work.
    Backwards compatible with older Microsoft Office documents even if it was created on a PC.

    Layout is different from Microsoft Office 2011 on a Windows PC, so if you are new to Mac and new to Office 2011for Mac it will be a learning curve.

    Office 2011works with Mac Lion! Comes as a CD and Key, no retail box like the picture...
  • butterfly - If only my Doctor would listen!This book is a gold mine for health. I have suffered from chronic diarrhea for 12 years as a side effect of Crohn's disease. I have had one surgery, several different types of treatments and been on every drug imaginable. I noticed an immediate cessation of the diarrhea after starting this diet, and am looking forward to complete healing as this book claims it can happen. I just wish my Doctor would take some stock in this. Why is it that doctors do not care about nutrition? Anyway, anyone who suffers from intestinal disorders, should give this a try. It is well worth it!
  • jessica m desteno - I love WenI like the product because it cleaned my hair really well and conditioned it all in one shot.
    My hair looked really healthy just after the first two washings. And was very managable.
    I will continue using this product. In the past I have used Aussie shampoo and various conditioners.
    It was not hard to get used to not having any suds.

    Wen Cleansing Conditioner
  • Victoria Allman - Beautiful StoryJess Walter has captured both the Italian coastline in 60's and present day Hollywood perfectly in this (excuse the obvious word) beautiful story of an Italian boy who falls in love with an American actress. It is an epic story that follows their lives from the few days they met in Italy to their final days.

    Walters way with words will transport you to a small fishing village in Italy like only a trip there could do. You will feel like you are on the Mediterranean Sea drinking wine and spooning up fish soup while reading this book.

    The story weaves together heartbreaking fictional characters with broken historical characters with flawless pacing and a quiet building of drama.

    Beautiful Ruins is the best non-travel travel book I've read about Italy and made me want to book a ticket right away.

    Victoria Allman
    Author of: SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain