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  • M. L. G. Mendoza - Yeah preach it! Sacrifice for the glory of GodWow. I was blown away by this book. It's a must read for all Christians. I actually bought this a year ago, but started reading it just the past week.

    I've always believed that there is enough money for everyone, that no one should starve due to poverty, or be destitute in clothing or shelter. The problem is, we hoard our blessings, and think that since we've worked hard for our money, then we deserve to live luxuriously. What a mistake! I fully support Mr. Platt's arguments on giving more of ourselves to God, not to earn our salvation, but because He deserves our all, and the world needs the church to behave like it should be, for it to have real and lasting impact. And of course, God wants the best for us - as we give more of ourselves to Him, we gain more, if not here on earth, in heaven (heavenly treasures).

    I wish all Christians, especially pastors and church leaders, would live like Mr Platt. I salute you Sir!

    I'm excited to give more of myself in 2013! I'll REQUIRE my rich friends to read this.

    Mabuhay from the Philippines!
  • Conchata M Springfield - wonderful cleansing conditionerAfter seeing this product on a few drug store shelves and reading positive reviews i decided to give it a try. Luckily, i was able to purchase it on sale at Walgreens for $6.99 (the product is normally $7.99) and after a month of using this cleansing conditioner, I am officially hooked.

    The As i am co wash is not my first experience with a cleansing conditioner: for several months I was a fan of the Hair One Argan oil cleansing conditioner which was great but left me with a little bit of product build up. I don't get product build up from the coconut co wash and it spreads throughout my hair better than hair one. I figured the jar of the coconut co wash would barely last a few weeks but surprisingly after a month I still have more than half of the product left.

    I am an African American woman with natural hair that ranges from 3b to 4a and this product is amazing. Once I have saturated my strands with the co wash my curls just pop. I leave it in for about 5 minutes, finger comb thru, then rinse out. I treat it like a normal shampoo and so i use a conditioner and leave in afterwards.
  • Patz "Patricia Dollar" - Highly RecommendedBefore buying a new vacuum or almost anything else for that matter, I ALWAYS read Amazon's reviews. Although I did not purchase here I am thrilled to now own this vacuum. There are two negative points that appear over and over in reviews. 1) The small cup which has to be emptied more frequently than other brands and 2) The fact that the vacuum head is smaller than most. I feel that these negative points are minor in relation to the overall performance of this vacuum. As an example I was sitting at my computer barefooted and suddenly felt stinging bites on my feet. I looked down to see they were covered with tiny ants. I immediately brushed off the critters, put on my shoes and pulled out the Navigator. Since vacuuming the carpet in that room and emptying the cup, I have not since seen or felt one ant in my house. Now that's a vacuum worth the money - hands down!
  • S. Felix - Not a Typical Self Help BookI have read numerous self-help books and few, if any, had a lasting impact on my life. I read the Introduction to "8 Steps..." in a coffee shop while waiting to be served and applied some of the simple principles on the drive home. I experienced back relief immediately. Next day I bought "8 Steps..." and have applied simple steps as I go through each day... driving, walking, sitting and sleeping. My back hasn't felt this comfortable since 1989.
    There is no secret... just compare Ms. Gokhale's picture of the average American spine published in a 1920 medical journal with the spine published in a recent medical journal. We've been taught incorrect posture. Ms. Gokhale has merely looked into history and observed cultural changes over the years to identify the cause for our back pain.
    Her solutions are simple to apply (and our own backs will remind us to apply the principles of "8 Steps...").
    This is not hype... it works. If you have any back pain, buy this book.