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  • flames9 "flames9" - So far soo good!!!Have had this hose for approx 2 months now, and thus far not a single problem. keep in Mind I do not use it a lot, I store it away and use it when I wash my vehicles each week.

    My big ?????? is its durability! Unlike most hoses the male/female ends are metal---on the Xhose that I have it is plastic. And another weak point may be the crimping that connects the hose to the plastic!!

    But thus far I like the hose. It is light, easy to store and does what it is suppose to do. So, for me, that equals 5 stars!! I will update this review if anything bad happens to it.

    UPDATE: March 01 2013

    So far it is doing well, BUT I only use it once a week--when I wash my vehicles, then put it away! So it lives the pampered life!! But so far so good!!
  • H. Minkoff "the Grape on ebay" - this one worked for meI came back from Mexico with a compromised digestive system. My doctor prescribed one other pro-biotic which I took for a month - no change. She then suggested I get Align. This one seemed to do the trick. I still take it occasionally to keep my flora healthy. I like the Amazon price especially with the subscription pricing. I can adjust when they ship me my next box. Win-win for me and my you know what.
  • Adirondack native - we love itIt came within the specified time by the sender. It came in an original Keruig box sealed with all of the necessary directions and it made excellent coffee the first time it was used. My take, I can try various amount of flavors with one Keruig cup and not have to go out and buy a whole pound of coffee to get that particular flavor.
  • Michael Smith - Well designed, reasonable priceI'm writing the review in the perspective of a MacBook Air (latest generation) user. Additionally, I'm not considering the aspects of the included software since I'm using this drive with Time Machine (and for additional, other storage.)

    The drive comes nicely packaged in a small box with all cables necessary for USB connection -- USB 2.0 or 3.0. My MacBook Air sees the drive as a USB 3.0 device and an informal test of a 5GB file shows a read and write time of less than 1 minute -- very impressive. Note the drive comes formatted as NTFS so a quick HFS+ format was required for me. The drive casing is plastic (would have preferred metal), but it should hold up fine.

    What's interesting about this model is the switchable attachment for the drive. When removed, a standard SATA connector is revealed -- so you can actually use this drive with any SATA adapter and use the adapter with any SATA drive. Seagate also sells perfectly form fitting adapters for Thunderbolt and Firewire -- but for a portable drive of only 500GB these would be overkill for most folks.

    The unit comes with a standard two year warranty -- unfortunately with the recent manufacturing issues the drive makers have been lessening warranties to boost profits. A couple years ago a three or five year warranty would have been included. On the other hand, the overall price for the drive is reasonable for those looking for a 2.5" portable drive. However, power users may want to consider simply buying an enclosure and and OEM drive to save money if you have no need for the included backup software like me.