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  • Rob Redge "Redgy" - **READ THIS FIRSTListen, I picked up spore on release day this game is absolutely amazing and Will Wrights development studio has put a ton of time and creativity in this title. I cannot stop playing the game and I am still in space exploring and making allies and destroying races.

    The main reason some of the PIRATING SOFTWARE scene on the internet has gotten together to rate this a zero is because of the DRM.

    Listen the computer gaming studios have already said that piracy is killing them, downloading games for free has got to stop. Most games have been cancelled on PC for development due to this. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) software is in for a reason and I hope only this DRM gets better in the future or the software will not survive.

    Just because the game has some anti-piracy tools inside of it so you cannot cheat the developers and steal from the people who worked hard to put the title together is no reason not to pickup this title and enjoy this great game.

    Do not listen to all these cheap ignorant customers trying to scam a studio. Go have fun and enjoy yourself with a good title thats all it comes down to. I hope you have read this and understand alittle more.

    DRM is not out to hurt your experience at all, its only to help prevent against theft of all the hard work years of work that was made. Have a good week.
  • Mike - Great TabletI didn't buy from Amazon as they want way too much for the Prime, but I thought I would share my experience with it so far.

    Pros: It came neatly packaged and when I took it out I was very careful with it. It looked so thin. This thing is thin. I was expecting it to feel somewhat flimsy but it is the exact opposite. Very well built and very sturdy feeling in the hands. It is sleek and fast. Came pre loaded with Android 3.2 but within minutes of having it turned on it wanted to update. The update process took about 10 minutes for the ICS update to complete. It then updated the camera firmware about 5 minutes. WiFi strength is good. Not quite what my laptops are but better than my cell phones. I am happy with it. I can see my neighbors WiFi signals so no complaints. I usually have 3-4 bars throughout my entire house and at work. GPS works decent. It found my location and locked on within 20 seconds on the first time so no complaints there either. Battery life is excellent and the screen is beautiful. ICS lets you disable the stock apps, you cant delete them but once disabled they don't show up or run anymore.

    Cons: I noticed a small amount of light bleed in the bottom left corner when it first booted. It was cold as it had been on the delivery truck all day once it warmed up to room temperature it went away. I had an issue with deleting the pre loaded music and pictures that came installed. I couldn't delete them either with the file manager or with the use of my computer. I searched and it seems to be somewhat of a common problem with the file permissions. The fix was to clear all the data and reset back to original. Worked good and no issues since. So if you are having issues deleting those files do it before load all your apps and info cause you will have to do it again. One speaker, although the sound quality and volume is good.

    Overall its very good super fast sturdy and I like it better than any of the other tablets I tried. I would recommend it to others.
  • Sbl617 - No problems at all!!!I have had this printer for more than a year and yesterday had my first paper jam. I just use cheap copy paper and fan it before putting it in; this time I did not fan. The HP support people have been more than helpful, showing extreme patience with my ignorance and inabilities. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone!
  • Rose Stevenson - Great product!I never write reviews for anything, but I had to for this one.
    This is an awesome product! It was so easy to use and it really
    works! My mole is completely gone! I just did this a little over
    a week ago so the skin is still healing but I am just amazed at how
    easy and painless this was. Do not hesitate to try this out.
    No Dr. visit, no costly payment or procedure, do it right in your own
    home and have it be painless and easy.
  • Blue Review - When Exlax-laden brownies just won't doAs we all know, there are just some people who are too unbelievably obnoxious who need to be taught a lesson. After my mother-in-law's latest snarky remark about my housekeeping, I let her have it. Well she sure shut up in a hurry. And that nasty bimbo I work with? Well she won't be snapping her gum at me again! And oh boy does my boss have a surprise coming if I don't get that raise.