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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • J. Villeneuve "jayvil" - BIG sound from a little package!

    As I unpackaged these speakers, I couldn't help but think, "somebody has been studying Apple's attention to detail in design". The box that comes with the speakers is compact and has several nice little features. The inside of the lid of the box has a compartment to store the USB power cord and the cord that connects the speakers. The whole lid itself has a groove that slides into the inverted bottom of the box to create a stand for an iPad (or other device). The speakers are small and shaped such that when placed together they form a rectangle that slides into this box for travel. The speakers have a "lock" switch to toggle when storing to ensure you don't accidentally hit the power button and drain them battery during travel. This may all seem trivial, and would mean nothing if the sound was bad, but to me this was a huge indication of the thought that went into these speakers and I was optimistic it would carry over to the actual performance of the speakers. Because, I'll be honest here, my experience with other iHome products has been the opposite! Usually I find several design shortcomings and by the time I play the speakers it is no surprise the quality stinks.

    So how did they SOUND? In a word: great! The pairing with my iPad or iPhone was simple and the sound was better than two other speaker sets I had to compare to (one Bluetooth one docked). The sound was quite full and it held up the best under loud volume. Now, of course, I am still talking about SMALL speaker sets and "loud" is for one good-sized room - not a dance party - but I was impressed with these little guys. With the way these pack up for travel, I see them coming in very handy at the beach and in hotel rooms this Summer. A rechargeable battery and a bluetooth connection that lets my phone stay out of the elements while cranking (again "cranking" for tiny speakers) the tunes is a five-star product.

  • ValtheRed - Husband loves it!

    I purchase all the tech at my house. When my husband wanted an IPad, I told him no, this was much better than the IPad 2 in my opinion. This tablet is so clear and has a better battery life, CPU, and more storage than the IPad 2. Even the new IPad 3 is not as good as this one, to me. I cannot be happier with how games, email, and note-taking are so easy for my husband to do on this tablet. It is really great to find a product which is less expensive and better than a similar product. This tablet allows my husband to leave his heavy graphics-intensive ASUS computer at home on days when he doesn't need it, but still be able to access the Internet and do work, research, and play games! I am even thinking about purchasing one of these for my teenage son, that's how much I like this tablet!