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  • Robert H Morgan - Great USB 3.0 hubI was in the market for a hub that would support USB 3.0, and be backward compatible to 2.0. It works perfect in both cases. I find it to be designed well so that there is no loss of ports because they are too close together. I also like the fact that it has an external power supply so that the computer does not have to provide the power through the USB cable. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
  • - I'm convinced !!I have never written a review but I felt that it is important to share this experience. My 4 year old had a BAD case of Psoriasis and after 8 doctors who said the same thing with no real result, I turned to the internet and found this book. With lots of skepticism and out of desperation, I ordered it. It has been three months since we started the regiment and she is now completely cleared. It is interesting that most of the things mentioned in the book coincide rather well with Chinese medicine and its theories. I am convinced that this approach works. Yes, it does get into some areas in unnecessary details, but if you just try to understand the principles of it, it really works !!!
  • flosan - REALLY A GREAT PRODUCTOnce I got used to the Kindle Fire HD, I love it. At first I thought, "I don't like this. I like my Kindle e-reader better." But once I started using it, it was great. Only one concern: My battery runs down very fast. Even when I am not using it. Could it be I need a new battery already? Other than that, no problems.
  • Blood Fox Hound - Connecting a PS3 control to a computer with Motionjoy!!It took about an hour to get this thing working with a PS3 controller.. I almost gave up. Heres how I got it to work.. I ended up deleting all the drivers until this thing would not work when unplugged and plugged back in. I also uninstalled Motionjoy. With the bluetooth adapter unplugged I installed the newest driver from the asus website..ASUS USB-BT211 Utility for Win7.. odviously I use win7.64bit. I plugged in the asus dongle and it did its thing and was working again.. I then installed this version of Motionjoy, MotioninJoy_060004_amd64_signed..With the dongle still plugged in I plug in a PS3 control via USB.. I went in to Motionjoy to the Driver Manager and found a new driver was listed along with the one for the PS3 controller, I installed both(note that after installing the new dongle driver it vanishes from the driver manager menu, but PS3 control driver remains).. I unplugged the dongle and plugged it back in and it became viewable in the BluetoothPair tab in Motionjoy, pair your controller and your all set, your PS3 controller should connect to your computer with or without Motionjoy open wirelessly, but you must open motionjoy and ENABLE the controller, when you enable it the controller shuts off, turn the controller back on and your all good!!! If you use the Xbox360 control emulator mode in motionjoy you can play any game a 360 controller is used without having to rearrange the buttons.. KaBlam!!
  • Thomas J. Klaber "Nimbin" - Best Version YetI have used every version from V10 to 2011. This is a great update. The new C4D rendering kernal is great. I think will prove to be even better. Disregard people complaining that it is slow. The program is way more robust than the 12.5 version - and so if you are still using the same computer, it will run slower.