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  • Comsumer - Amazing DVD...The Best Band Ever!WOW...I am amazed at how good RUSH is and this DVD is great....The BEST part is with Alex and the group dressed up at the diner..SAUSAGE TIME! They are not only talented musicians but very FUNNY too. The quality and sound is just perfect and of course...I doubt that you will beat the AMAZON PRICE...I always make sure I have a few small items to bring my total up to $25 for the FREE SHIPPING (on MOST items) and if they ever do away with the FREE SHIPPING ,I would shop elsewhere but for now...Amazon has my business on almost everything I buy in my day to day life...They are soooo low on prices,I even have boycott Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts unless it is something I need TODAY...Can NOT beat the Amazon price....sorry Brick and mortor stores that are local....quit gouging and lower your prices like Amazon if you want business.Great Job AMAZON. Keep Rocking RUSH.
  • Cooper5599 - Essential Life saving Infomration Everyone NeedsThe title to this book will immediately put the average person on his or her guard. As the old saying goes, "If it looks too good to be true then it probably is!" So I did not buy this book at first. However, it kept nagging me so I went on the Internet searching for more information about the author and found tons of information that put my jaw on the floor! It wasn't untill I used the search term "H2O2" that I found real authoritative information. The search term offered a link to Dr. David Williams which I clicked on and was taken to an all familiar website. Dr. Williams turned out to be the author of the medical news letter, "Alternatives" that I subscribe to. I trust him and his information completely. He had nothing but good things to say about 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Although he recommed its use for skin problems, it was obvious there were more benefits to this type of treatment. Needless to say I bought this book and read it in about an hour. The book said that Dr David Williams had written a 4200 word article on H2O2 recommended in the book. I set out to find that article and found it. In the article Dr. Williams verified almost everything in this book.

    In my opinion this book needs to be read by every human being on this planet. The incredible statements made in this book are supported by Dr. Williams and every place I searched on the Internet. H202 has been used in Europe for years but was banned from the US by the drug manufactures, the FDA, and the government. Trillion dollar corporation will like fall to nothing if this information gets used. The information has been publicly discredited and those who know about it are too skeptical to even consider the treatment. Don't be fooled get this book and research it for yourself!

    I highly recommend this book to any and everyone. Get it now!