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  • Lindsay H. - An Eye-Opening Look into a Hidden WorldTo most teenage girls, guys are a mystery, and confusion haunts most inter-gender relationships. Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa A. Rice do their best to eliminate this confusion with For Young Women Only: What You Need to Know About How Guys Think. The essence of the male mind becomes much clearer to the reader, enabling her to be the kind of friend and sister in Christ that the young men around her need, and preparing her to be a loving, supportive wife. The age-old topic of modesty is covered with new insight, revealing to girls WHY modesty is so important if we care about the men around us. The chapter "Seeing the Inner and Outer Beauty" was perhaps the most important chapter to me, as a teenage reader, because it covers a matter of great sensitivity to young women in a manner that provides comfort and encouragement. I would recommend For Young Women Only to all girls ages 13 and older, as the book does contain some sensitive content. For more on sexual purity and modesty, check out Wait For Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance, a book targeted toward a similar audience with a message equally as important and necessary as that of For Young Women Only.
  • Pizza Quixote "Google my blog!" - Worth A TrySee your doctor first. This is an easy to read book, with real practical suggestions. It will not work for everyone, but it is surely worth a try. In fact, I lost weight (that's good) on this diet by eliminating all of the junk carbs from my diet. Turns out I do not have IBD/IBS, but this diet can do no harm, and it may do you some good.
  • Benjamin R. Finger - Simply hands down wonderfulI do not have words to describe how wonderful this book is. I would highly recommend this book to be purchased and given to every pastor you may know and anyone who has thought on the issue of what it might be gay or Christian and how to relate to one another. What really strikes me the most about this book is the passion Wesley Hill has for Jesus and his desire to live for him. This book is an encouragement for anyone who is LGBT and trying to stay true to the faith.
  • J. Fergus "life long reader" - Quick prep and tasty resultsI have both volumes of slow cooking revolution. I just received volume 2 week ago after having volume one and cooking from it for a month. Volume 2 requires much less prep and, in many ways, is really quite fast slow cooking. Both volumes produce tremendous final products.

    We, especially, have enjoyed the desserts especially the carrot cake and custard. They are as good as you can make any of using any other method maybe better.

    If you find slow cooking helpful in your life these books are must haves.