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  • IMayBeWrong - A must read whether you are in pain or notI've read many self-help books on back pain. The '8 steps...' is the first one that convincingly showed me what the right structure/shape of the healthy spine should be and how it should function based on the numerous examples of real people from different cultures. The techniques presented in the book are easy to follow and are not just a set of exercises: the book teaches you how to constantly maintain proper posture (even when you are asleep) and move in the way that reduces strain on the spine and joints. The author herself is the best proof that her techniques work.
    Do yourself a favor and learn how to help yourself if you are in pain, and if you are not - don't push your luck and learn how to use your body properly so it would serve you well for many years to come.
    It also worth a mention that the book is very nicely designed and very reasonably priced for such a quality.
  • Baka Desu "dialoguewiththestars" - WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SQUARE WAVESThis is quite easily the most delicious beverage I have ever been able to sample, and it makes for the best baking ever, but you have to watch your ears sometimes.

    I think it was my 2nd shipment, I broke the seal on the cap and almost went deaf. Ear doctor told me it was a 3500 Hz square wave. Thankfully I have recovered my sense of hearing, and I know know to either cover my ears or turn my hearing off when opening my Tuscan Whole Milk.

    In summary, 3500 Hz square waves are among the most potent sound known to modern man.
  • dr jatinder sachdeva - the connection: a surgeon and a soldierThe The Connection : A Surgeon and a Soldier
    This, though a fiction, sublime the truth of life , narrated in a simple way. Story seems to be an event taken from real life.True and selfless love ultimately wins. Worth reading ,touching and lasting effect.The writer deserves appreciation and applause. A must read.
  • Derek Fox - Amazing and emotional tale of suffering and rebirthPing Fu has lived - is living! - an amazing life. I count at least five distinct trials she has endured and surpassed, any one of which would make, on its own, for a gripping and inspiring narrative of how best to "bend, not break" in the storms of life:

    1. Being ripped from the arms of her loving family at age 8 and forced to live with her 4-year old sister in a single dorm room for ten years of China's cultural revolution, during which she suffered hideous abuse at the hands of the Red Guard and her dorm mates

    2. Being officially termed a "nonperson" for her college thesis on sex-selective abortion and female infanticide in China's countryside, which drew early international attention to this crisis, and resulted in her deportation to the US with no money, no connections, and no English proficiency

    3. Finding her way - as a 22-year old, on her own - in the United States, from ESL student and waitress, to undergraduate and computer programmer, to computer science graduate student, to successful researcher at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications

    4. Leaving the ivory tower to start (with her husband) the GeoMagic business creating, marketing, and selling 3D imaging and modeling software, managing its growth through the dot-com boom and bust and the growth of her own family

    5. Returning to the CEO role of her company when it was on the brink of bankruptcy, and managing it through its own liquidity crisis and the ensuing financial crisis of 2008 to new heights of success, ultimately bringing her to the attention of the international press, and a position on President Obama's entrepreneurship council

    Whew! More than a week after I finished reading the book, recounting this barest-possible outline of Ping's life story still takes my breath away. I cannot recommend this memoir strongly enough as an inspiring story of overcoming childhood trauma, embracing a new identity in a foreign land, and grappling simultaneously with extraordinary adversity and the everyday challenges of business, life, love, and family.

    As Ping says, even when we feel we have been broken we have the power to put ourselves back together. When we do, we find that we are no longer the same - we have cracks and scars, and are maybe a bit rough around the edges. However, the magic of this process is that the imperfections in our new selves are not our weakness - they are our strength.


    As a side note - There has been a coordinated campaign to give this book 1-star reviews by people who think Ping's story reflects poorly on China. Personally, I think Ping's story presents a very positive, albeit unromanticized, view of that country (as well as the United States!) - with heroes outnumbering villains, and individuals often responding valiantly in the face of very adverse conditions. In any case, most of these reviews are by people who have not read the book, and have zero evidence for their assertions that Ping's story of her own life departs in any significant way from the truth.
  • J. Beer "savannahs_mum" - Sixteen Count Pack Worth It!!!I was going to try just a two pack before committing to such a high count (16??? Who needs so many???), because I wasn't sure I would make a lifestyle of this. I ended up reasoning that I could just share out all the excess at a home party (Brown Bag anyone????), or discreetly with friends as shower gifts, so I went for it. BEST DECISION EVER. And NO. I'm not sharing! So, go for the full count. They're fairly indestructible despite the feminine design, but you'll move through 'em quick. Addictive.