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  • eriejeg - An inspiring read written by an amazing womenI ordered this book after hearing Elizabeth Smart interviewed on NPR. Her tone in the book is poised and compelling, terrifying and inspiring at the same time. It was a relatively quick read. If you are looking for the gory details, she generally leaves those out. This did not detract from her story, as it was a story of survival and faith, in God, in humanity, and her family. If you are looking for an accounting of exactly what happened, this isn't it. If you are interested in how the horrible experience shaped her into a survivor - and thriver - this is a great book.
  • Paul R. Wisgerhof - Tablet to HDMIFor all of you who are upset that LG does not yet support Amazon apps, you can always just connect a tablet to an HDMI port on your TV and go from there. You will be able to access all of your stuff on Prime and show it on the TV. I do it all the time with an older Samsung product and it works just fine. I am using an Android tablet at the moment.
  • doug "Just some dude." - Don't even bother with anything elseI used to fix PC's. I would get computers super jammed up with so much spyware and viruses that the things usually were not operable. So I have tried all the FREE ones and all the professional ones. Kaspersky is unquestionably the BEST on the market. Next in line would be Norton in my opinion. If you want to be safe while using your PC, run this!

    And BACK UP YOUR FILES using Carbonite

    If you are reading this trying to save your computer files from being wiped clean by re installing Windows, contact a young person that knows how to make a boot disk from Ubuntu.com and ask them to make one for you so you can run it and recover your files in a non-Windows environment and save everything to a thumb drive. Once you have viruses, you MUST reformat your computer and re install to be absolutely safe.
  • Dorothy E. Riley - Dirty Wars: The World is a BattlefieldThis book was broad in its scope and extremely detailed. The author's presentation of facts create emotions of anger, disbelief, disgust that American soldiers were pawns in some people's political ideology of war and who is our enemy. Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld should be held in account for the loss of life , treasury and no success ( neither served in the U S military)! Even G.W. Bush was not kept informed of all their stealth efforts until they could not hide some any longer.He was appalled and that changed his relationship with Cheney.The creation of assassination squads is very disturbing. These squads are all over the Middle East killing people in our name and on our dime. Likewise the Abu Grabi tactics with captured enemies were developed by Rumsfeld and he knew all about it yet only 2 enlisted personnel were charged, convicted, dishonorably discharged and imprisoned. What is even sadder is that President Obama has continued this war path. Further the military did not realize for too long tp hat the insurgence was the very action which increased the enemy's attacks against us. The book is long and has way too many anachronisms. It would have been helpful if a glossary of terms was available.
  • Neal C. Reynolds - A terrific and suspenseful dystopian young adult adventureYeah, there are similarities between this book and THE HUNGER GAMES. And yeah, there are dissimilarities. This is its own book with its own characters. Cia carries the story with her narration and the suspense coming from the fact that we don't know any more about what's going on than she does.

    We start out with the contention that being chosen for the testing is a great honor and slowly become aware that it's a life or death challenge. The author does a great job on detailing each stage of the testing and in fleshing out each character.

    Anyone who reads this will end up among all those eagerly awaiting the release of the sequel and the continuation of the story of the surviving characters. This is a great young adult novel, but it's also darn good reading for us older folks.