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  • B. Ginsburg - Sushi Slicer??This fabulous product has saved me countless hours wasted in the kitchen slicing bananas. I know it is very popular but why, oh why, do people think that they can abuse these fine tools of the trade!!!????

    I was perplexed and annoyed after bringing home 3 orders of Sushi, California Roll, from my favorite Japanese restaurant. The 18 peices were not all the same width!!!. They started out small, grew a little bigger than back to small. What the Hell???? What is this world coming to when you can't get evenly sized peice of sushi! I thought about that Sushi Roll all night....

    The next morning I was slicing my banana with the Hutzler 571 and it came to me!!!
    That Sushi place is using the Banana slicer to cut the rolls!!! Lazy, cheap sons of bitches! Too cheap to order the Huntzler 1032 Sushi Slicer for $6.95.
  • Ken E. Levinson - Cure for IBSAfter suffering the effects of IBS for several months, my doctor suggested trying a probiotic as well as perscribing Nexium. The Align with the perscription has cured me. I tried using Nexium alone for awhile and it helped....but adding the Align was a 100% cure. I will take it forever.
  • kerri - a perfect fairy talewhen my interest in reading grew, I wanted to find a book with a bit of fantasy and a lot of romance. it was quite difficult finding a romance book suitable for a 12 year old. the librarian recommended 'between the lines' and I finished it in 2 days. it is a sweet, fun, romantic story great for girls who are becoming interested in boys and romance. it is simple for young readers but is exciting in so many different ways. this was my first ever novel I read for myself and I still read it. when ever I've had a bad day or I just feel like reading a light, easy, perfect book, this is the one I always chose. I recommend this book to any young girl from the age of 10 and up. I loved this book and I'm giving it 5 stars!
  • Diablos Dobles - Great Product at the priceGreat product at a low price! We took advantage of the Autocad upgrade rebate, so total cost was below $500.

    Product was delivered on time. The package was sealed, however it was missing the DVD. So I downloaded the software from Autocad and used the activation info from the DVD box. Contacted Autocad, new DVD is on its way.

    Was up and running in less than an hour, that includes the time to download a 740mb file from Autocad.
  • Nooga Shooter - Must Have!!!I only had mine for two hours before I decided it was the second greatest thing in the world(the first being my iPhone 4). I noticed most of my remotes were already available in the app store. For the others i used the free app tabular rasa. Right out of the box you can create completely customized remotes with buttons that do multiple things. If you remote isn't listed the iWavit will learn your remote one button at a time just point the old remote at the unit. It works in ipod, ipad and iphone. I have purposely not said much to my wife cause if she knew how cool it is. I would be looking for my iwavit as much as i did my remote. I have looked at a bunch of other similar devices on the net but they were all expensive, large and bulky, or cheaply made. It has been about a week since i have gotten mine and 2 of my friends have decided to buy one. I LOVE MY iWAVIT!!! The true extent of its capabilities is bigger than what I would ever be able to use it for.