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  • R. Schuster - A Worthwhile Remix of an Already Great Album"Radiation" is often unfairly thought of as one of Marillion's lesser albums, particularly in comparison with "This Strange Engine" and "Holidays In Eden". I find this odd, because those latter two albums are . . . well, not very good at all and have maybe four or five good songs between them. Even without comparing "Radiation" to anything else, it's a solid, powerful, and engaging album that tended to get overlooked because it was the mid-to-late-90s, the mix was a bit lacking, and people were still convinced that Marillion had spent itself after "Afraid of Sunlight".

    This new mix really does this fantastic album justice, and it should hopefully convince the naysayers that this is, in fact, one of Marillion's best albums. There are keyboard, guitar, and bass parts that were just lost or buried before; Steve Hogarth's vocals have a presence that just wasn't there before. And just for posterity, the original mix is *included* here too, so this isn't one of those cases of "loudening" up an old album in order to convince teenagers that it's actually "heavy".

    Beyond the mix, these are just phenomenal tracks. "Costa Del Slough" and "Under the Sun" are a remarkably funny, clever treatment of climate change in a way that doesn't beat you in the face with the message. "Three Minute Boy" is a song about the pitfalls of fame reminiscent of material from "Afraid of Sunlight". "The Answering Machine" is the upbeat love-and-loss song to serve as counterpoint to the down-tempo pair of "Now She'll Never Know" and "These Chains". There's "Born to Run", which is, I think, the only bum track here; I try not to skip it, but it's tough. Oh well, you can't win them all. "Cathedral Wall" is sprawling and full of sharp, dynamic turns; lyrically, it's more lost love, comparing it to religious devotion and the cold comfort of a stone church wall. Finally, you have "A Few Words for the Dead", the epic closer, which zooms out from the personal struggles that most of the album deals with and talks in generalities like "Under the Sun", this time about calling for nonviolence and love, rather than perpetuating the cycle of violence, in the face of adversity.

    Honestly, if things were tied together a little better, I might think this was a concept album, but even so, it is remarkably cohesive and a good listen all the way through. Muiscally, there's a lot of The Bends-era Radiohead and the Beatles here, but that's really nothing new with Marillion: they wear their influences on their sleeves, and it's not like they are ever just just stooping to pastiche. I know I made a joke about it before, but this *is* actually the "heaviest" Marillion album since "Fugazi", and for a band that isn't generally known for being "heavy", it works really well. Especially after the cheese-fest that was "This Strange Engine".

    I do think that everyone who didn't like this album the first time around should give it another shot, and they'll find a wonderful, overlooked gem in Marillion's catalogue. Anyone who hasn't heard it, well, this is actually a great entry point for Marillion's discography; it's less dense than "Brave" and "Afraid of Sunlight", and more stylistically cohesive than "marillion.com", "Anoraknophobia", and "Marbles", so it's something anyone could pick up and listen to.

    Buy it! You'll love it. Seriously.
  • kb17 - A must have for new and expecting parentsI am about to buy my 5th copy. I give this as a gift to EVERY expecting mom I know and every one of them has told me how amazing it is. I received this as a gift before my son was born. I cannot begin to explain how much more prepared I felt for parenthood after reading through this book. It's a surprisingly easy read. The primary format is question and answer, but there are other "tidbits" mixed in. Interesting facts and statistics, thoughts from pediatricians, reference charts and lists. Most importantly, it is arranged by topic, instead of a timeline format. Much better than flipping back and forth from the index trying to find the right page.

    I didn't feel like I had to remember everything I read because it was so easy to go back and reference later. When we felt we were getting close to moving my son to his room, it was easy to go back and reread the "Sleeping" section. At 6 months, I could easily go reference "Solid Foods." When things in the diaper looked out of the ordinary, I'd head to "The Other End" to make sure there was nothing for me to be concerned about. The section on illness is great too because it gives you guidelines for when to call the doctor and when to take the child in to the office or whether they need to go to the emergency room. My son ended up having breathing troubles and I had forgotten that my doctor's office has a doctor on call all the time. When I consulted Baby 411 they mentioned that almost all offices have a doctor on call and if there are certain symptoms, you should use that option. I wouldn't have thought to call the doctor that night otherwise. Also, before my son was born, my doctor wanted to induce me on the day I went a week overdue. After reading the section about inductions in Baby 411, we had the confidence to ask the doctor if we could wait a little bit longer and I went into labor the next night. I'm so glad we waited. There are times when inducing is the way to go, but for us, it worked out to wait. If not for Baby 411, I would not have really understood what I was getting into by just blindly following my doctor's suggestion.

    The information is very current and they offer pretty unbiased information on different techniques. Instead of saying "this is the best way to do it," they outline the pros and cons and encourage you to make the decision yourself. For example, when it comes to sleep training, they offer a number of different techniques to use and encourage you to pick the one you feel will work best for you. They give advice on educating family members who are not up to speed on current baby recommendations. They definitely encourage breastfeeding, but also acknowledge that for various reasons, breastfeeding doesn't always work out and they encourage you not to feel guilty about it and advise other ways to "bond" as a substitute.

    This book built my confidence in parenting. If you're looking for a book to prepare you for becoming a parent, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Add this to your cart!
  • Pam McEachern - I am not very technical and I needed Norton right now!I needed Norton in the middle of a big project. The version I was using had used up its time.

    I read the information about the online product and bought it. It was easy for me to follow the directions and it was quickly installed. I still have 2 more downloads for whenever I need the next one.
  • R. Henderson "Wolf Starchild" - Right to assemble, meet the MK-9Easily annoyed by others exercising their rights? Want to receive paid administrative leave to pursue other interests? Interested in inflicting physical and psychological pain on others without serious repercussions? The MK-9 is the product for you.

    This baby packs a wallop, and it's bright red color allows you to raise it high in the air and parade it around a bit before you coat the eyes, faces and throats of non-violent protestors sitting in front of you. Thanks to misguided law enforcement policies that most reasonable thinking peoples find abhorrent, you can now respond to all protestors the same way, regardless of their disposition. I know, it's almost too good to be true. There is one catch...the internets. Don't worry, there are hardworking and honorable congressmen working in lockstep with their corporate masters to lock that sucker down - SOPA anyone? - but for now, be sure to keep your back to scumbag citizen journalists looking to make a name for themselves. Youtube, you are so going down.
  • tlloyd22 "Tim" - OutstandingIf you looking for a godly alternative to the broken down dating system we have in our culture today, than this book is for you! An easy read. An awesome answer to the what the world is shoving down the throats of our children as the only acceptable way of meeting their future spouse, which of course, is modern dating.