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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: H7W Laval, Quebec

  • B. Wueste - Lots of new information that wasn't in the 2010 versonI'm a huge fan of these books and since I already own the original version of this book I wasn't sure if it was worth buying the 2011 update. After some quick browsing at the store it looked like there was enough new content to make it worth it and I wasn't disappointed. After having read the entire book there are many valuable updates including several new restaurants, new menu items for existing restaurants, and new and updated nutritional information for some noted holdouts from the original version.

    This book also includes a very helpful section on products you'd find at the supermarket. It's amazing how two seemingly identical products have very different nutritional profiles. Simply by making some smart choices at the grocery store you can help yourself to lose weight and feel better without sacrificing anything.

    Finally the book includes recipes, but none of these really appealed to me and some were just taken directly from Cook This Not That. Still the book is worth the low price tag even if the recipes don't appeal to you either.

    I don't really believe in diets, but this book says "Hey - if you're going to eat pizza or donuts or candy bars - here are the healthier options"
  • J. Moore "Zombie Prep Network" - Lots of fun and very handyFor the price, this is an awesome sketching tool. You definitely need a tablet to use this. If you have a tablet, buying this software is a no-brainer.

    Start the thing up, and you are sketching immediately. The unique user interface tools take a short time to get used to, but they are well thought-out. There are tons of configurable drawing tools to keep things interesting.

    If you do any kind of drawing or sketching and want to try out computer art - this is a great first buy. The tools may also be well suited for professionals. I am not a pro, but some of the sample artwork I've seen with this software is really good.