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  • Sue A. Kraft "safetysuzie" - Strange, exhausting, and "Amazing"This book was suggested at our last book club meeting and I decided to read it. It didn't take me long to finish it as I couldn't put it down. I don't normally like stories that go back and forth between two different characters, but this was different. This gives psycho a whole new meaning. Sometimes you have to wonder where an author comes up with the ideas. Great book!
  • Bill - No question that it works.I found this book after googling a bunch of different things, and came across these reviews. Lots of good reviews, a few negative ones. Well, I noticed that all the negative ones were either people who hadn't actually tried it or people who didn't really stick with it. You can't rate a book negatively if you don't follow the program.

    Anyways, the diet simply works. When all the drugs I was prescribed stopped working, I turned to this. After a few weeks, there was a definite change. It has taken a little longer than the 2 - 3 months he writes about in the book, but that's because I still drink beer once a week or so. If I cut that out, it would be gone by now (about 4 months). In total, half of my spots are completely clear, and the others are completely clear in the middle with a ring around the outside.

    Lastly, a more moderate version of the diet should be called "how Americans should eat." I am almost happy I have psoriasis and found this book as it is so much more healthy. It takes a little bit for the body to assimilate, but if you have some discipline, it works wonders.