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Country: Europe, GB, United Kingdom

  • Nebula - Minor Installation Issue; Tech Support ExcellentThis product installed smoothly, but I did have one small hitch wherein I contacted Quicken's Technical Support Chat Line. The tech that I had knew exactly how to address the issue...and patiently waited while I followed his relatively simple "fix". It worked...and the program has worked flawlessly ever since. Because of that good support and no additional problems with the product so far, I can give them a 5-star review. Thanks.
  • Jenna Miller - Best moisturizer ever! I finally have a glow to my skin!I LOVE this moisturizer. I have tried everything from drugstore products to department store products to pricey creams like Dr. Perricone...but hope in a jar is the best! It is light and absorbs quickly. My skin is clear, smooth, and finally has the healthy glow I've always wanted. I LOVE the scent. It smells fresh, clean, and natural, with a base of Lavender....which is one of my favorite scents. I guess some people either just don't like the scent of lavender, don't appreciate NATURAL fragrances or have never smelled lavender before, by reading the reviews. I love the scent, so for me, it's the icing on the cake. This moisturizer is perfect! (And I consider myself to have sensitive skin) Love, love, love!!!
  • E. C. Dawson - BIG, WARM & GOOD PRICETo clarify, the control allows you to choose between automatic turn-off (after 2 hours) or to stay on until you turn it off. I keep it under my bottom sheet at the foot of the bed & have had no problems at all. It takes a while to heat up; maybe 10 minutes to fully attain max heat. It looks well made.