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  • R. Anglin - Best Roku yetSo first off, this is the 3rd Roku I've owned and the only one I would give 5 stars to. I bought the original Roku (not sure what we call that one now) and it was better than nothing, but it literally stopped working about 1 week after the initial 1-year warranty expired (not an exaggeration, it just stopped doing anything 4-5 days after the 1-year anniversary and they refused to replace/fix it, according to the company's forum, very common issue). Next I had the got the Roku LT (I was pretty down on the company after the first one which is why I didn't get one of the models before the LT), I would give that one 4 stars, good but not great. I say all of that just so you know I have some experience with the product.

    -Very small footprint, both the unit and the power supply.
    -Very fast and responsive, best I've tried yet.
    -Does a great job streaming.
    -Great remote, all of the buttons feel solid, but not too stiff when you press them. I haven't tried the gaming functions, I have a lot of other gaming devices. I have never experienced any of the issues with directionality that other reviewers have, not sure if they got a lemon or they are expecting something other than what normal remotes deliver.
    -Ethernet outlet, yes I have a wi-fi system, but where this is located I can have a wired connection without the cable showing, so why not (which means I have zero experience with the wi-fi feature of this product.
    -Free earbuds, plus they mute the TV when you plug them in. Personally I would never use this other than the one time I tested it out, but great idea.
    -1080p support, since I don't have a 4K TV yet, that's good enough for me.
    -Supports the services that I personally use: Netflix, Amazon Prime TV, Hulu Plus, Vudu (which I rarely use, but it's still there).
    -Low power consumption during streaming, almost no usage during "sleep" (and yes I have plugged into my killawatt and the company's numbers are pretty accurate).
    -Compatible with older remotes if you lose the included one.
    -MicroSD slot for locally saved videos.

    -No true DLNA support. Not sure why they don't just put an "as-is" DLNA channel on it and let those of us savvy enough get it to work. Not a Plex fan, in fact I can't stand it (spent a long time trying to get it to work with my Roku LT and various PCs, really terrible). Of course this is true of all Roku players, which is why I didn't ding this player a star for it, since it's a design philosophy.
    -The ethernet port is not 1GB. Of course that doesn't matter when you stream from the internet, but if they ever got around to giving us true DLNA support, you could get great local streaming.

    -The only TV output is via HDMI, which is not a con to me, but might be to others.
    -I don't use the music or picture functionality, so I have no experience with those features.
  • Deb "Deb" - best mac additionI am an extremely busy director of medical services (2 facilities). Because most medical softwares do not work with Mac, I have to use a windows based system at work but love my mac at home. I love all of the applications for mac, but this product allows me work from home with ease.
  • Pamela G Ryan - Really Great ProductRepHresh is a great product. It works great. Not messy. and gives you that fresh feeling. I would recommend this to all women who want a great ph balance. I have used this product for years. Won't go without it..lasts for a week no matter how intimate you are..Better than other method of cleansing.
  • karrenk - Must Read For Love AddictsPia Mellody 's book Facing Love Addiction is inspirational.I read her book years ago and it helped me in my own recovery and eventually being able to have my own book, The Unseen side of Me/ A Journey from Disgrace to Grace being published.I have rread many books on sex and love addiction I would highly recommend that anyone facing love addiction start with Ms Mellody's book.
  • Mila Romanova "Mila" - Loved this bookLoved this book! I spoke about the book to all of my female colleagues and my husband, gave examples from it on many occasions, and used advice, e.g. Do not leave until you leave . Reach to more than one mentor. Keep your hand up. I noticed even before that women are really not as cooperative towards each other, and Sandberg helped me to understand why.