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  • M. Slana "M. Slana" - BE PATIENT; It works!I started out with buying the regular Rogaine for my husband and we had to discontinue use of it because his head itched so bad that he could not contain it in public places. Began using the Rogaine foam in its place and the itching is no longer a problem and we are starting to see new hair growth but it took at least two months to notice any progress. Great product and would highly recommend.
  • Mark S. Johnson - Delicious Despite Darkest DespairIt was a day just like any other day: dark and hopeless. The situation I was in was equally dark and hopeless. The tip I'd received about the Verchetti Gang drug deal had been accurate in concept, if slightly off about the exact numbers of people who would try to kill me.

    I was flopped behind a crate, only sitting up because of its wooden sturdiness. The air was filled with the taunts of the half-dozen mobsters as they searched for me. All I had was half a clip in my automatic, a cigarette in my lips and a slug resting somewhere in my gut: things weren't looking good.

    I closed my eyes and let my smoke and gun hand sag. The sounds of the footsteps in the empty warehouse were definitely getting closer. I was prepared to accept my death sitting down.

    When one of the mobsters tripped over a canned good, the others took a break out of hunting for me to laugh at him. To be killed by a lot such as this. Pathetic. I opened my eyes to roll them.

    That was when I noticed the crate I was leaning on: Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. I smiled grimly. I didn't have to die like a dog, there was another way. I shifted up to squat and gripped the edge of the crate. Ignoring the lances of pain in my gut, I ripped a board out of place.

    The voices all hushed and began proceeding at a much quicker pace in my direction. I quickly grabbed a gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk; dropped my gun and cigarette; and peeled off the freshness seal before popping off its red top and downing the liquid into my mouth.

    Its effect was immediate. The cool, refreshing taste of the milk washed away my pain and its kosher source of calcium wash away my fear. I grabbed my gun and rose, milk still in my other hand.

    I managed to get off three shots before I dropped. Even the milk wasn't enough to keep me going. Sure was good though.
  • Myrna Mclain "Workout Queen" - SweatBlockMy familiy member uses this, and she is finally able to wear cute tops because she no longer sweats profusly. We are very happy with this product and would highly reccomend it. We were considering surgery for her underarm sweating and now we won't have to do this drastic measure. THANK YOU for this product.
  • E. Outcalt - A wonderful man teaching wonderful lessonsMatthew Hussey is a man of integrity and confidence. This is immediately evident because he not only makes you feel more empowered, but instills integrity and confidence into YOUR life as well. I have the utmost respect for Matthew and all that he does. This book is worth it not only for your love life, but taking control of your life in general. Highly recommended
  • Sabra Nowlan - Best Pen I have Ever Bought.I am so glad that BIC has come out with these pens. I seriously didn't think I was going to be able to go on much longer writing with mens pens. So much more comfortable for my frail feminine hand. I let my boyfriend try one out, but he really didn't see the bonus in it which completely proves that this is a product specifically designed for all the women that didn't have a solution to the masculine-dominated pen industry.

    The colours alone are enough for me. Now I am not nervous to take my pen out of my purse in front of other people. Now there is nothing to be ashamed of!

    Thank you BIC for focusing on all us women who were completely lost without these pens for so long.