Medical Jokes From Domonique - Medical Jokes about doctors and their patients

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  • LucyHall - Wen BargainLike all Wen users, I love a bargain. This scent was new for me, but very nice. Very summer! The Mango-Coconut formula is very hydrating, more so than the Pomegranate, about the same as the Fig. Really great on my fine, curly, colored hair. Ordered through my Prime account, so I knew I was getting genuine product. Received with the pump, no issues.
  • Joejoe - Align has saved my life!I don't have IBS, luckily, but I do have a genetic condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It affects how the body produces collagen. Collegen is what give our skin elasticity and is in all of our organs. For me, the EDS affects my stomach and bowels, my stomach is stretched, (my doctor calls is a distended stomach) Everyday, I used to have terrible stomach pain, where I would be doubled over, I would cry it hurt so bad and diarehha so bad I couldn't leave my bathroom. Align has calmed my stomach 90% and the diarehha only visits me maybe once a week, sometimes not at all. Without Align, I would be housebound, not able to work or enjoy life. It truly has saved my life!
  • Aikiwolf - As American as Apple Pie! Can't go wrong with this one!!!Let me just say - WOW!

    For ages, ever since I was a young boy roaming the streets of a small Virginian city, fighting large and robust men for mere morsals of bread, I have been searching for clothing that can define the type of person I truly am. I recently acquired a young starlet's purse, and used the money to purchase this shirt - and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!!!

    Let me start off by talking to the quality of this shirt. Not only does Amazon give you the option to buy this wonderous shirt, but they give you the option on what color shirt to have the image placed on!!! I opted for Raspberry, as I am very comfortable in my masculinity, and wanted to show the world that. The shirt is as soft as the skin of the guy from Silence of the Lambs - you know, the ones who uses all the lotion. I put the shirt on, and it instantly makes my skin moist, soft and touchable - people just can't resist rubbing my skin now!!!

    Now, on to what makes this shirt truely amazing- the image of the wolves. The moon itself is just awe inspiring. It looks so real, that when I go places, people just fall to the ground and lay there, starting at my chest, thinking they are looking at the actual moon, It's just THAT realistic!!! The designer must have acquired a high school diploma, because he is a a genious! He placed 27 starts around the moon, adding to the effect that you are looking into the northern sky. And the wolves - well what can I say. Not one, not two, but THREE wolves on my chest. I often wonder why not four, but I assume it's because that would be too much awesome for the human eyes to behold. I mean, c'mon FOUR wolves...that's just overkill. Who does that? I bet Obama tries that hard. Sersiouly, have you seen that guy's speeches?? Talk about overkill. I miss good old George Dubbya Bush being in office. But I digress, back to the review. The wolves are so realistic, it's like having a zoo on your chest.

    The reactions I get from wearing the shirt are amazing. From the second I exit my Diesel truck to walk into walmart to the second I walk back into my double-wide, I get nothing but compliments. I get hit on all the time, even by women who still have all of their teeth! This shirt gives me so much confidence, I honestly feel as feral as the wolves on my shirt, and as young and awe-inspiring as the guy that played magic mike....but even better, because he's a dude in a movie that no-one can shag.

    I could go on and on about this shirt, but Springer is coming on, and I promised my sister I'd watch it since she's one of the guests on todays episode. In short - BUY THIS SHIRT - you won't regret it!!!
  • Gary SF O'Brien - Amazingly concise; for the non-medics among us, this makes sense.I really think that if you are an inhabitant of this planet, you need this book. We may or may not ever be caught in a situation that any of this knowledge would be required, but stuff of every imaginable kind, big and small, happens (watch the news). Being for-armed with skills and information helps. Reading this book, helps. Do yourself a favour, buy it, read it, take a first-aid class, put it somewhere safe, and remember where that is. I'm a little older than I thought I would get, I no longer hide stuff.
    Cheers, Gary