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  • Kalcardo - Love my Transformer PrimeI wasn`t sure whether I should buy an Ipad or the Transformer Prime and since I am not a fan of touchscreen keyboards, I have decided to get the Transformer and the keyboards.
    Best decision I've ever done ;) Love both... very small, light and the transformer tablet itself is just amazing! Love Android system!
    This seller is also great, delivered as promised ;)
  • TIFFANY R. PAYNE-GRIFFIN - Outstanding!Reading from the perspectives of the characters made this novel shine. Terry McMillan took great care to create believable characters who show us parts of life that we don't discuss enough (Grandparents raising grandkids, how drugs destroy lives, interracial friendships, etc.).
  • Chakracon "Chakracon" - No ComplaintsAt first I was a bit disgruntled after reading the reviews and realizing that I could not make this purchase and then use the product on ALL my computers. But, I purchased it anyway because I trust Microsoft Word and like it best as a word processing program. After receiving the product it became clear that I CAN use this product on all my computers through the 'cloud'. I can access my projects from any computer, in fact, via the internet - or I can choose to work on a project from the computer without using the cloud. It is not so bad... Microsoft may be greedy money grubbers, but they do have Word set up to be a versatile and workable product - and I could purchase it without purchasing the entire Office suite, which I don't need and would never use.
  • Mary Maddux - Not just another back book - a whole different and effective approachAfter working at tucking my pelvis, per instructions of physical therapists and chiropractors, my lower back pain was worsening. A simple adjustment in posture, which made sense intuitively and in terms of Gokhale's logic and evidence, has made all the difference. Even before attempting any of the lessons in the book, a shift in how I held my pelvis brought a lot of relief. More recently, I've been dealing with pain higher up than the original problem. This book helped me to understand what has been causing this pain and once again a change in posture, use of the "corset" muscles, has helped relieve that pain.

    I haven't been able to discipline myself to follow all the lessons, but I've been able to gradually incorporate the knowledge in the book into my posture and body mechanics. It is as if the book has triggered my body's wisdom and my own intuition.

    This is truly a different approach. I feel this is an extremely important book as it could change the current understanding of what correct posture is. As far as I can tell, what's considered correct is quite dysfunctional. I'd recommend that anyone with back pain read this book before investing a lot of time, money and energy in another approach!