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  • Brian M. - May have saved my marriage.I don't remember exactly how I cam across this book, I think I found Athol's blog and ordered the book from there, but I know that my wife and I have been having ongoing problems for years and I was ready to get out.

    Enter the Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011. I blasted through the book in two days, Athol's style is informal and accessible (most of the content is modified from the blog) that makes this book an easy read despite a ton of content.

    After reading the book I realize that being the "nice guy" husband isn't enough to get my needs met in the marriage and have started the "plan" to bettering myself. My wife responded positively almost immediately, but was confused at how abrupt the change was. I'm in a constant battle with myself right now, trying to undo years worth of self-defeating behaviors that I thought would help. Trust me, it's worth it.

    Guys, I can not recommend this book highly enough. Athol provides a fresh new way of looking at your relationship and gives biological, evolutionary, and otherwise completely rational explanations for how relationships work.

    If your wife has shut down on you and you're feeling trapped, the problem may not be that you just aren't doing enough housework, like I've seen other books recommend, but that you aren't giving your wife a man that is worth being attracted to.

    In sum, if you're willing to put forth some effort, this book works. If you aren't getting what you want out of the marriage, try this first. It will save you a ton of money that you'll be spending on hookers or lawyers.
  • samantharay - The next best thing to fruits and veggiesI've been taking this for about 4 months now and I can really feel the difference. It's all good. You can check the JuicePlus website and you'll see the research that backed this product as well as what the doctors say about it.
  • Katie - The Quirky-dateless girl-next-door can now rock it out!I saw this book and like MANY of the other dating advice books I have read, I thought... "okay, lets see..." I am one of those girls that has been "waiting". Thinking that Fate is to bring the guy when it is the right time, I will be in the "right place" and it will just happen. I thought that my quirkiness- ie. ability to ask random questions to spark interesting or different conversation may have been seen as off putting. In fact, it made me become LESS of myself when I was out- so I hid. This book made me look at the things that I do NATURALLY as being something that is seen as attractive to guys- as actually being a natural "High value woman". Yes, I have to get out more and get more of a life as my hermit crab tendencies have brought me to the point of less than social interaction, but that will only increase my confidence! This book made me look at dating and meeting men, and people as more an adventure to live life actively- the man of my dreams isn't going to just not on my hermit shell and ask me out! I need to be enjoying my life and getting out there BEING ME the high value woman I am naturally- and be open for the opportunity! Plus- the video clips in the book are awesome I love a man with an accent haha, and it is great to see some of the demonstrations!
  • Dominic Dabrowski - An absolute must-have for a bigger budget buildThe machine I had to repair had a Revo X2 PCI-E 240GB that died after a couple years. After doing a little bit of research between all the current SSDs, I chose this one based on the overall positive reviews. The price was also the best out of the 500GB SSD range.

    It worked right out of the box and acts just like a typical SATA hard drive; same connections and no special driver needed for the BIOS and the Window's install to recognize it. Windows boots in about 10 seconds and applications installed extremely fast. All applications and games open very quickly as well. This drive is noticeably faster than a standard hard drive (obviously).

    I would recommend the M500 over a Revo PCI-E if you are even considering it. The M500 was an overall better experience than the Revo (as long as it last more than 2 years). I've worked with both drives on the same machine, and the M500 is cheaper per GB and quicker. How this compares to other 500GB range SSDs, I can't answer that, but you can't go wrong with the M500.

    If you have higher-end components, this is a must-have for a boot/app drive. I'm overall very impressed with the Crucial M500 and I highly recommend it!
  • DCats - QuickBooks Pro 2013It is so much easier to customize to your preferences. The improvements in forms has made my job so much easier to do. QuickBooks Pro 2013 has simplified my job and made it easier for me to create the numerious reports I need daily. With all the fields added in the vendor, employee and customer centers I have done away with my roldex completely. QuickBooks Pro 2013 has reduced the number of programs I have to use to get my job done. Previously I had to combine information from four programs, but now I only use two. I would recommend this product to everyone. The only downside is the decktop color can not be changed in the 2013 version. Other than that 2013 is the best version yet.