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  • dedos23 - Excellent when used for what it's designed for5 weeks ago I bought the Classic 7 with the salad kit and have had good-sized salads every 4 days or so. It has been quiet, not loud at all as I have seen others describe, and I have the light timed so that it's a great light source in the kitchen at night.

    A few weeks after buying the first, I got my second one and herbs are already a few inches tall and doing quite well. Again, not noisy in the least.

    As a clean freak, I appreciate that the Aerogarden doesn't make a mess. In fact, my second one is sitting on a smallish table in the bedroom, this one with lights set to come on when we get up in the morning and turn off when we go to bed.

    I have discovered that salad greens do drink a lot of water so I tend to check it every few days instead of waiting for the indicator light to come on but this hasn't been a problem for me.

    Must admit I am considering a third to grow cherry tomatoes. Great product and I'm very pleased so far.
  • KReed - It really, really worksI've tried many probiotics over the years, and this is the first one that I can confidently say WORKS! My stomach has always been a 'war zone' and I feel so much better since starting the Align regimine. I do still take a digestive enzyme if I'm consuming dairy. However, I need fewer enzyme pills since Align. I have also found that Amazon has the best deal. I'm currently paying about $12 less per box than if I bought my my favorite store with a 'red bullsey:)'
  • catlover - Must read for anyone who cares about human rightsExtremely well-documented expose of the war being conducted in the shadows by our government by secret intelligence forces. Heartbreaking but necessary details about the impact on innocent civilians--and on those the US doesnt afford due process before killing. Jeremy Scahill is one of the best investigative journalists and his on the ground reporting lifts the veil on the US use of cruise missiles, drones and signature strikes, allowing the humanity of the victims to be shown.
  • noah677 - DO NOT BUY THIS KIT if you own a camaro ZL1 MODIFIED 7/20/13This kit does not work in the Camaro ZL1, at least if you have the back up sensors and camera. I have had years of experience in installing these kind of things in cars. Installed properly, it set off all bells and lights, radio not work, back system dead. Fortunately all returned to normal upon removing it. I bought mine from Southern Corvette Parts located in GA. Make sure whoever you buy from has a good return policy

    I find that I must alter my review of this item from a 1 to a 5 for the following reasons. The instructions were not clear to me and once I realized my mistake I corrected the problem. Secondly I did have a defective switch and I must complement the Vendor LEEA in that they sent me a replacement without requiring me to go through all the crap of sending the defective switch back to them. This to me is quite something. Going back to the instructions it is not made clear that you have to Use the 20 amp fuse with the 10 amp fuse that is included in the kit. I don't consider, in the Camero, this to be an easy install. The fuse box is located in the trunk and you have to remove a bunch of panels while bending over in very uncomfortable positions. Also to replace the fuse cover is a real pain. Still in all this item is worth having. Because of the nature of the exhaust system in the Camaro it does not make as much difference to have this item as it does in the ZR one Corvette. People should understand this.
  • Gaffer53 - Hocks w/ToesWell I've been searching for socks with toes for some time.Some people my say so what is the problem,nothing if you know were to look.But anyway.Found these injinji Liner Crew Toesocks
    Totally by accident and I'm glad I did. My wife wears thongs/flipflops and socks (seethe problem)
    Well in short she is in love with these socks. I bought her 4 pair so far and I 'm checking to see if there are higher ones. But the bottom line is THEY ARE GREAT!!!
    P.S. My wife had a stroke a while back and has a problem putting on the thongs with normal socks her feet have poor Circulation, these injinji Liner Crew Toesocks are a God send THANKS.