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  • R8RDiva - Halloween CostumeI'm so exited! I've been wondering what to buy to join in on my company's "Superhero" theme'd halloween costume contest. We all ready have a Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, and even an Aqua Man. Now that I've found these shoes, I know that I will win the contest, going dressed as a "Total Bad-Ass". I'm only a little worried that I'll be mistaken for a "Total Bad-Ass" when I wear them in public, and be forced to fend off estrogen hating bullies who want to full control of any womb in 500 mile radius, but I'm pretty sure that with these babies I'll be up for it! I'm confident that they will help me with my bladder control issues as well!
  • Lucilia Perrone - Long term successful experienceThis book (in it's past version - the one with a dark blue cover) saved my mom! She is a teacher and constantly had her hands bleeding her students' papers. Besides the pain and danger of having an open cut, it's a sad problem. She had tried several doctors in Brazil and in the USA, but during eight years all they perscribed were gross cortisone ointments. As a natural born reseacher who believes in natural alternative treatments, she never quit looking for an existing solution, and found one in this book!

    Now she lives a normal life. She started doing every single suggestion and together with the Enema (which extremelly important!!) she fasted with liquids as lemon juice and vegetable water during one week, to detox the most. The only one she skipped from the book was the spinal alignment, because she has osteoporosis and won't take what she sees as a dangerous risk.

    With time, she stopped taking the teas because they tasted too strong. She gets some minutes of sun with her students every morning and knows that if she eats Tomatoes (specially, and it's everywhere), red meat, sea food and certain mixtures like banana with... coffee with milk, and, of course, vinager!!! : The allergic reation Appears For Sure in about 3 days. The blood's acid ph level takes more than a week, sometimes two, to be rebalanced again. This is a logical fact.

    Our observance showed us that stress influences nothing in comparisson with an unappropriated nutrition care. Her disease is controlled since then - more than four years ago! We are so grateful for this discovery! I wish that this knowledge can be recognized by most doctors and scientists around the world.

    We thank Amazon for offering this space for us!! And hope more and more people can benefit from this book's precious informations!

    My mother's allergy started after a toilet burst and dirty the entire house with sewage, when she bought all the products she found for cleaning and used them all at once... It appears mainly on her hands, but sometimes on her scalp, bally, knees and feet also. [ I myself believe that like many allergies do, her can simply desappear one day.]

    Good Luck!!!

    Lucilia Perrone
  • kayjay - Wish I read this book soonerAt 53 years young, and back on the dating scene, this book is helping me gain insight into the dating experience. And even though I've made some mistakes in the current relationship, I will immediately work to turn things around and if its too late, I will be better prepared for the next one...Thank you Kara!
  • Sam Vaknin - The Case of Maltin's Movie Guides: The Expert and the CrowdIn an age of crowdsourcing and mob "wisdom" made available on every mobile device, why invest in a reference book? With dozens of user reviews available on websites such as imdb.com and rottentomatoes.com for each film ever shot, however obscure - why bother with Maltin's voluminous fine-print doorstopper movie guides? Because Maltin is the Britannica to imdb's Wikipedia: he offers expertise where laymen merely register opinions.

    There are two Maltin movie guides: the veteran and venerated "Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide", annually published since 1996 and a lighter-weight but equally authoritative "Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide" whose second edition covers movies made no later than 1965. The Guides are mutually exclusive: most films would be listed in either book, but not in both. Each volume proffers between 10,000 (the Classics Guide) and 17,000 (the annual tome) capsule reviews of movies and what a marvel these snippets are!

    Each capsule review comes replete with a plethora of information culled from hundreds of sources: date of release, viewing time in minutes, a quality rating assigned by the Guide's editors (more about them later) as well as the MPAA's parental guidance rating, credits of directors and actors involved, a brief synopsis of the plot, and even gossip, cameo appearances, anecdotes, and the social and cultural context of the work - all neatly and articulately folded into a Tweet-like 100 words or less!

    The annual guide also includes an incisive and insightful essay (in the form of an introduction) about the current state of the cinematic arts and commerce; lists of movies by topic; mail-order and online sources for home videos (a USA-centric feature, admittedly); a widescreen glossary; and indices of film stars and movie directors, each with his or her respective oeuvre. The Classic Guide augments these offerings with "25 vintage movies you really shouldn't miss."

    Back to our opening salvo: why not stick with imdb, or rottentomatoes, both of which now aggregate critics' reviews from a wide variety of sources, print and digital?

    When one is faced with a health problem one consults a doctor or two (for a second opinion.) No one I have heard of confers with 10, 70, or 5000 doctors. The element of expertise is crucial. The authors-editors of the two Guides are not merely the world's leading critics (which they are) - but some of them have actually worked in the film industry, bringing to the proverbial table invaluable insights gleaned first-hand.

    But surely cinema - as opposed to medicine - is a matter of taste and opinion rather than facts and figures? Well, yes and no. Filmmaking is a discipline which must be learned and assimilated methodically and in-depth. Many of its aspects are utterly objective. The same applies to film historiography. And when it comes to taste and opinion I would rather rely on Maltin's than on any Joe Schmo with a keyboard and time to kill. Even when I wholeheartedly disagree with Maltin, I find that the "dialog" is informed by the collective intelligence and unfathomable knowledge of the crew behind the book.

    No lover of the movies should go without a Maltin Guide (or two.)

    DISCLAIMER: I have bought every single edition of Maltin's Guides that I possess, except the last two, which were provided to me, as review copies, courtesy Penguin/Alan Lane. Sam Vaknin, author of "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited"
  • KfromTX - Really Works, be sure to follow directions EXACTLYI purchased this product from the company website after reading extensive reviews here on Amazon. No difference in price but I think they threw in the healing balm, which I did not like and did not use. I have a lot of moles on my body, most are small but had 2 which were larger that bothered me, they were on my face. I know you are wondering why I would take a chance on something like this on my face, right? Well, one of them had already been treated by a doctor years before but came back, so I was hesitant to go back to the doctor again. I had heard of bloodroot (the active ingredient in this product) for removing moles, warts, etc. so thought I'd give it a try when I had some time off from work. This is a folk remedy which has been used for hundreds of years with lots of success, long before there were dermatologists. Both moles on my face were removed beautifully. The one that the doctor failed with took 2 applications to remove because it was larger and apparently deep. Be sure to follow the directions EXACTLY and it will work for you, remember some large ones take more than one application and they are not pretty as they are healing, folks. DO NOT pick the scab and keep putting Neosporin on the spot as it heals and you won't have a scar. I am extremely fair skinned and scar easily and although the marks stayed pink for about a month, eventually they faded and you cannot even tell where it was. There is plenty in this small tube to remove lots of moles. I also removed a large skin tag behind my ear, a mole on my leg and a skin tag on my adult son, still plenty left. I know there are lots of people who think the only way you should have moles removed is by a doctor but it is expensive and time consuming, even if you have health insurance. If the mole looks abnormal in ANY WAY you should definitely see a doctor but if it is just a regular mole you want gone, I recommend this product. I would not hesitate to use this again on myself or any member of my family. Best time to do this is in the winter when your skin will not be exposed to the sun.