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  • Jan Byrd - Great Heating Pad; Very PleasedThis is an exceptional heating pad. It heats up quickly; and gets very hot on the highest setting (One reviewer said it does not heat up much; be sure the dark side it toward the body; the lighter side is the back and seems to have a heat reduction aspect). It is a nice large size, is flexible and incredibly soft. I appreciate the larger size since sometimes I get something going on the left sacrum and left shoulder blade at the same time and I can treat both places at the same time; something I was never able to do with any other pad. The flexibility enables me to wrap it comfortably around my arm or leg and it stays in place. The 2-hour auto shutoff is a very nice feature. When the 2-hours is up, the dial goes into a flashing mode. I like that because I can easily locate it in the dark if I have gone to sleep with the pad on, and turn it back on if I need to. The long cord is a definite plus, too. I am very pleased and would highly recommend to others.
  • ComfyShoeMaven - Excellent ProductI bought this as a Gold Box special, and it arrived a few days before I was to have some major surgery.

    I wanted to get all my affairs in order just in case, and the Will Maker helped me accomplish this.

    The program takes you through each step, and you just plug in the information. What is great is that it provides the form that is considered legal in each state.

    I created a will, a medical power of attorney, and advanced directive. I had an advanced directive that I had found on the Internet, but the one in Will Maker is much more thorough, and takes into account many of the directives that my doctor told me should be included.

    All this, plus the free legal encyclopedia, made the purchase very worthwhile, and I highly recommend it.
  • smartygirly60 - Well-Rounded BookI got this book because I'm taking the ACT junior year and I wanted to study over the summer. I spent a lot of time researching what books, CDs, and other resources I should purchase. I even debated on whether a class would be beneficial for me. I heard great reviews from older friends on Kaplan, so I decided to get this book. And I LOVE it. It walks you through the ACT step-by-step revealing different tricks and tips on how to do your best. This really helped me because I was clueless to how and what to study for the ACT. It also comes with a great online companion (there's a code inside the book) that has great tools and features including FREE online classes (I'm taking one tomorrow) and 2 practice tests, review sheets, and quick review videos (to help brush up on skills you might've forgotten. Just for the online companion ALONE it was a good purchase! It also comes with a CD with MORE practice tests. And the books comes with practice tests! I guarantee you this was one of my best decisions on how to spend my time preparing for the ACT, and I hope you will be just as satisfied as I was.
  • Brendan O. Duterte - Esther CURED ME!!I hurt my low back in a lifting incident and spend weeks in and out of chiropractors. I was introduced to her book was imediately compelled to sign up for her class. She taught me a lot, and I basically relearned how to function on a daily basis. Her amount of knowledge and information is uncomparable. The book is easy to follow with many pictures(just the way i like books) and step-by-step instructions. Her class was easy to follow and it follows along exactly with the book. I would reccoment this book and esther's classes to anyone who is in pain, or even just wants to better their posture to avoid bad habits and injuries.