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  • alisonjanel - Amazing Customer ServiceI recently worked with one of the WiFiBaby technicians (Eric) who helped me get my nanny cam feature set up in addition to the in-home wifi. It was quick, easy and we had it done in less than 30 minutes! Love the quality of this product (especially the ability to access via my iOS devices), and the personalized experience and treatment I received when I was having troubles. Would definitely recommend to others!
  • Polly Dupuy - Johnny Cash the ManAlways been a fan since be began and sung "I 'll walk the Line".
    Did not know the depth of his drug problem. He explored it all.
    Loved his music-- saw him in his early years and later years.
    Many times in television.
    Great book!
  • B. Fitzner - SOOOO goodLovin this thing, i do the vacuuming now, my wife can do other things. purple? not manly, but shark? very manly. easiest cleanup i've ever had, and i love how you can see the brush through the window to see how much of my wife's gross hair is on there that i need to cut out. love the filter system. best vacuum i've used
  • AmazonAddict - Love this product, works great.I have had professional laser hair removal sessions before. And it takes 5 -7 sessions before you get close to no hair. I have had about 4 professional sessions on my lower legs and get sporadic hair here and there. I probably needed to pay for 2 additional sessions. Well this little machine took care of it for me. With my first session with this machine, I got the same results that I had with the professional sessions. The hair "grew/fell" out and then I didn't have any hair. Instead of paying for 2 more sessions on my legs, I now have a machine that I can use whenever and where ever I need. I love this thing!
  • J. Phelps "A painter, a cook, a lover of dark... - Uplifting, Sad, Thought-provokingThis book was my introduction to Jess Walter and I am glad for the discovery. Having edited the work of a few other writers, and being a life-long reader, I feel qualified to say Mr. Walter is a talented Word Wizard. He effectively uses words to open our minds to more than just the black and white. I refer to the black and white of words on paper as well as life choices.
    The story struck me as sad because there is no sugar coating of how humans act and think; we often do little more than survive the ride. The uplifting part comes when you realize that "surviving the ride" can be the prize. The lucky ones will recognize and embrace the prize. As a fun bonus the reader is taken back in time with references to people and events that are part of our history. Now that I have finished the book it continues lurking around in my head. That fact leads me to conclude this was a worthwhile read.