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  • Terry L. Bauguess "TBaug" - You can tell this book is good by the reviews here!!!I thought the book was great! That's my humble opinion, but I won't waste anyone's time with a lengthy review because there are plenty of good ones that cover the book quite well here. However what has not been covered is exactly what these other reviews and the general overview says about her take on liberals and how they react right here with the ridiculous and hilarious reviews these liberals post proving the points in the general overview itself and how she is right on the money! They claim to be able to disprove her and then they don't even come close. The funniest are the people who start the name calling sometimes right in their title. These simpletons wish they could just throw pies because logic confounds these people and it shows in many of these nonsensical reviews. The book is just a great read and I almost laughed as hard at these reviews as I did reading this very insightful and many times humorous book.
  • Pen Name - Galaxy tab 2I am very happy with this tablet I use the internet, play games, read books, skype and it keeps up! I really enjoy it and given the chance I would recommend it to anyone!
  • owookiee "owookiee" - That was quick and easySo the only thing in the box is your 25-character Product Key. You hit up their website and type in the Key to install. This Home & Student package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
    Install also requires a Microsoft Live account. I already had one, if you don't they'll make you create one. During the install they try to upsell you on their Cloud backup service, but you can decline and use the product without signing in again after installation.

    The whole install process surprisingly only took 10 minutes. The size on disk is 1.4GB and my internet connection is 15 down. I don't know if it retrieved all that data then, or if Windows 7 is prepopulated with many files it needs. I also previously had the 2003 Word and Excel Viewer programs installed, it didn't seem to care and didn't go through an uninstall step. It looks like Excel 2003 Viewer is gone but Word 2003 Viewer is still there and works, which is kind of weird, but it changed the file associations so that double-clicking a doc file opens in the new 2013 Word.

    If you already had an Office version newer than 2003, the new interface style won't throw you off (they reverted the giant circle icon to access file menus), but if you're coming from 2003 it may take some getting used to. The 2013 version actually looks like it's been completely rewritten (with the same general facing), as it's much simpler/cleaner looking and more lightweight, it launches quicker and is more responsive than previous Office versions.

    One annoyance I've encountered is that by default there is a Protected View File Block feature enabled that has Open and Save capabilities disabled for many previous Office document formats. You can change these defaults easily; when you try to open a previous version file it will warn you and just click the "File Block Settings" option to adjust the checkboxes. In this dialog you'll probably also want to look at the Privacy Settings tab and decide if you want to keep Office from accessing your internet connection at will to download stuff and send quality reports back.

    Overall I'm very impressed with this latest iteration of the product!
  • Paul A. Bonyak "math addict" - Works great and thin enough to fitI have a Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D350 3d glasses-free laptop and this Crucial M500 is the only one I found that fit and this was after pressing a Crucial representative online to elucidate the meaning of compatible regarding my model. Yeah it's thin enough and the rounded corners fit easily yet firmly in the hard rubber footings. Other ssd's I tried were too thick or the corners would not fit in the footings-either way the panel would not close. Performance-wise it gets a Windows 7 WEI rating of 7.9 so it's as good if not better than the M400. Probably your best bet if size is an issue.
  • Kevin Reynolds "ampherion" - Amazing, Denon be praisedSince my AV Receiver is literally 8000 miles from my other equipment, this cable was a godsend. It appears that the cable is only a few feet long, but when you connect one end to the receiver (make sure its the correct end!), it creates a wormhole that you can hand the other end through so your companion on the other side of the planet can plug it into the switchgear you have. I know they state than you can actually step only half way through the wormhole to plug it in yourself, but I was skeptical and was willing to only risk a hand, not half of my body.

    MAKE SURE YOU BUY A AKDL1 COMPATIBLE SWITCH! When I tried this the first time, I just tried to go cheap and just plug it into a cheapo linksys on the other side, and I ended up poking some poor Japanese guy in the eye instead (NOWHERE NEAR MY SWITCH I MIGHT ADD!), and he said it caused a permanent injury. The saddest thing is that apparently this wasn't the first time this had happened to him! Sorry Mr. Fujimoto!