Saar Biotech- Third party Medicine Contract Manufacturing - Saar Biotech Deals in Liquids, Suspensions, Dry syrups, sprays, Nasal sprays, Ointments, Tablets,creams, skin ceams, antibiotic, Anticold, Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory, Antacid, Dry Syrups, Tonic, Drops, Cough, Shampoo, Lotions, Roll On, Capsules, Sachets in very attractive packings for Amber Bottle PACKING, measuring Cap, Blister Packing, Metallic Cartons. Saar Biotech is GMP Certified company involved in making DCGI approved new Drugs from Past four years

Country: North America, VG, British Virgin Islands

  • georgiporgie - Outstanding Amazon ValueReviewing something like an Anti-Virus, Internet Security, Kaspersky vs: Norton's, etc., is Very Subjective at best. I like the apparent Comprehensive nature of the content of the Kaspersky offering. I especially like the "Virtual Keyboard" where your KB strokes are captured and encrypted before an intruder such as a "Key Logger" can intercept it thereby protecting what you are typing in. Now, in the 2013 edition, they have made it much, much easier to use. They have automated its use relieving you of making sure you incorporate its use correctly, or, it doesn't allow you to forget its proper use as it does it for you automatically... bravo... OH... did I mention that NO ONE I COULD FIND COULD COME CLOSE TO THE AMAZON PRICE? COSTCO cannot even come close. I came back to Amazon a second time because of the great value I received last year and assuming Kaspersky continues to be a leader in the Security market, I'll be back again next year... HEY KASPERSKY, we now need TABLET protection???
  • Kevin Renner "Author, In Search of Fatherhood... - A Glorious BookThis book is remarkable. It's an interesting combination of art, cross-cultural anthropology, but most importantly a pragmatic guide to help 21st century westerners and others get out of back pain and prevent it.

    The premise is what struck me first--that someone had the idea of looking into cultures where people do hard physical labor but experience considerably less back pain than those of us in the first world countries. It hits you as a rather obvious learning opportunity once you hear the idea, but no one capitalized on it until Esther.

    That she delivers the material so sensibly and gracefully is (in addition to her method) what separates this book from others on pain management. As the many medical doctors say in their cover quotes (2 pages worth) for the book, this is a great contribution.
  • Warren Rosenbaum "Duty/Service" - Shedding Cultural BarriersI can't say enough good things about Julia Cameron and The Artist's Way. Every page has useful and enlightening material to not only aid in unblocking our inborn creative urges but in a broader application to our everyday life and happiness. At the library I opened the book to two random pages, 120 and 99, I still remember the page numbers from six weeks ago, and both pages were dripping with valuable information. I decided on the spot to check out the book. After reading the two Introductions contained in the 10th Anniversary edition (2002), the original and the 10th Anniversary one, I immediately bought the book for myself to underline, make margin notes, and use as a reference. I've emailed and phoned nine different friends and simply gushed about this book and a another of Julia's books I bought that is equally as informative, "The Right to Write". Both can be life-changing. I simply can't say enough good things about these two books. As a result of some of the enlightenment, I've written and submitted an eight stanza poem to a highly respected publisher, notification pending, and a 1,500 word humorous essay that will be submitted to a couple of general interest, high circulation magazines, today or tomorrow. Buy The Artist's Way (and The Right to Write), use them and observe how your life will improve.
  • domdom - Amazing GameFirst things first. Diablo 3 is an amazing game, BUT only if you like this kind of games. I have played all three and have to say that Diablo 3 is only Diablo 2 with new graphics and a new story. But that's exactly what I wanted. DIablo 2 was an amazing game, one of the best ever and Diablo 3 just continuos the story with the same gameplay. There are some negative things about DIablo 3. The graphic isn't as good as it could be but made with love for details. There are two thing that bother me about Diablo the real money trade and the new skill system. I liked the old system and I don't want to pay more than I payed for the game at the beginning.
    Besides that it's an amazing game, one of the best this year.
  • Bobbi Jo Thiering "reborn bookworm" - I have come homeI truly enjoy Jan Karon's Mitford Series. I cannot read this series without laughing out loud. Mitford is a town we would all love to belong to. I enjoy the way each character is developed and how they grow in each book. This is a series you will read again and again. I find I love each book more than the last. After I have finished each one I always say that was the best book and my husband just looks at me and says "thats what you said about the last one." If you need a place to relax and find joy you can find it here.