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  • PattysKiss "PattysKiss Book Reviews on Youtube" - Every Women Should Lean In even if they want to fall back!I enjoyed this book a lot. Lean In has the flare of a biography, a lot of moments of being a self help book, with the power of being a full fledge feminist manifesto.

    But ,I would describe it mostly as a call of action to society who continues to undermine, underpay and under value the contribution that women bring to the workplace and to those who are afraid to disrupt the status quo.

    A call of action to women- to Lean In even if they want to fall back in order to move up.

    Many have criticize this book as blah blah from the elitist Harvard graduate whose degree entitled her to better career opportunities. My response to that is so what? Yes Harvard can open the door (We all know that )but it is still up to the woman to step in and have what it takes to stay.

    So don't dismiss this book as just another over privileged , elitist talking , read it and you will see that many points will resonate.

    For my full video review and other book reviews please visit PattysKiss on Youtube.
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