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  • Kate Dunn "Kate" - I love my Kindle!I love, love, love my Kindle! I've read more in the past year than I have in a decade. Being able to read has been difficult for me the past few years, and the lighted pages make everything so easy to see. I have no complaint about how the Kindle system works. The only negative about this particular Kindle is that it is fairly heavy, so it can become a little cumbersome at times, but I still love it. I don't know what I ever did without it! I definitely recommend that you find the Kindle of your dreams and buy it, post haste. It's a fabulous little device!
  • bjpage - The most intuitive software I have ever used.Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011The digital tablet that i bought would be worthless without Sketchbook. It features and ease of use make it worth twice the price. Most of the software writen exclusively for a digital tablet is clunky and hard to use, but Sketchbook is just like using a drawing pad and pencil, even the paintbrush is wonderfully precise.
  • Common Sense "Bush Supporter" - Liberal Reviewers Are Proving Her PointThese incessant, unnecessary and foolish 1 star reviews from liberals are just proving her point. First of all...liberals have no argument regarding John Kerry's messed up life, or this wonderful detailed...and well informed book.

    This book was written for you sick people! She is trying to clean up America from the common sense we lost when John Kerry was elected as a candidate against George Bush.

    So come on, and get real. I learned how to talk to a liberal.
  • ann t. schade - After 12,000 miles I still love Street AtlasWe've used DeLorme for years, and have seen the changes come and go. While this product is a bit more complicated to get used to than other mapping software, it's EXCELLENT for mapping out a route, getting information on places, finding how long to get somewhere, and changing routes.

    I just got back from a 12,000 mile trip around the country using De Lorme Street Atlas Plus and the GT-40 as my GPS, and I was able to navigate easily in the mountains, downtown city areas, and around the country. I could change my route as I went and be rerouted around the massive flooding in Memphis, TN area. Asking it to "find" rest areas, truck stops, restaurants along my route was simple and accurate. "Find" an address is simple to use, and has always found "the place" accurately for me.

    Since I travel with a tablet notebook it's easy to just load up Street Atlas and be off on my trips. I also like the fact that they upload changes in roads rapidly, AND they ask for input on road changes or mistakes from the users. Love the voice activated for traveling alone, too.
  • DenonFan666 - Let there be dataI have to admit, I was a bit sceptical about this cable at first. I had already purchased a $350 Monster QX7b-4 Cat6 Ethernet cable for my audio system, and I thought "there's no way this cable can be better, the Monster is incredible!."
    I was wrong. As I was thinking about the AKDL1 cable, all of a sudden, by broken PowerBook G4's speakers sprung to life and began emitting the pure, unfiltered word of God in incredible 9.1 HD+ surround sound. I felt pure agony and pure ecstasy in the same instance. In that 2.34 parsec space of time, I can now comprehend the nature of time and throw stars at one another just my motioning to the night sky.
    Needless to say, I bought two of these cables for God and I when we have LANs on Trusmoday (a day that can only be experienced if, you buy this cable.)

    [Update] Oh sweet merciful heavens above! It's happened! The 7 horsemen of the apoclypse are here, but they are not as they were fortold! Whilst LANing with God, our two AKDL1 cables became intertwined and achieved singularity. They were then able to literally rip God in 3 halves and banish the halves to a crystalline matrix, which they then atomised.
    That said, before they destroyed the fabric of space and time and killed God, these cables produced truly excellent sound. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder has never looked or sounded clearer.