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  • Brittany - Totally worked!I had been off birth control for about 6 months and was ready to begin trying for a baby when my cycle began going crazy. I would go 8 weeks with no period and then the next month would only go 3 1/2 week before the next period. It was pretty frustrating so I found FertilAid online and began taking it. My cycle returned to normal after the first month and the second month I got pregnant! The directions say to take 3 pills a day but I despise taking pills and could only make myself take two a day and some days I forgot as well, but they still worked and I am now pregnant after only using the pills intermittently for 2 months! The only thing I didn't like was that the pills are rather large. They have to be but I was not expecting pills that large so it was a bit of a shock. Regardless, I am so pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone trying to regulate their cycle or to conceive.
  • karoe - A must get resourceThis book if a must get when dealing with resistance and with people who have multiple drug allergies. I would recomment it.
  • Mother Fitz - Thruogh it all!We have a non-profit ministry entertainment educational business. We started small and are still small. Our work has had it's highs and lows in relation to income. No matter where we are in our journey Quickbooks has provided us with a secure, legal way of documenting, tracking and just plain old bookkeeping. We track contributions, monies paid as honoriums, salaries, expenses for travel and office. During the days of when we hired a bookkeeper to the days of when I, the novice had to take over that task we have relied on QuickBooks to help us be legal and up to date. I look forward to Little Square and what it has to offer. We are and always have been Mac users. It is so excellent to have a program that is Mac friendly.