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  • Kathy - Wonderful book!I thought this book was great. Very concise, easy to read and easy to follow instructions on how to take the hydrogen peroxide. I have been on it for a little over 2 weeks and have seen some amazing results so far. I can't wait to see what happens after I get through the whole regimen. Before I started, I had VERY, VERY dry, flaky skin especially on my torso and that has all but disappeared. My skin is probably the best it's ever been in my life. I am also taking it for periodontal disease which was diagnosed this past year. My next appt. is not until March so I won't know officially until then how much it has helped. I do feel it is helping thus far though: my gums look better and I had a hole between my 2 front teeth which seems to be closing up. I am near-sighted and my vision seems to be getting better. That was not something I was taking it for, but it has been a nice bonus. I did go through some detox symptoms that lasted about 10 days. I had cold symptoms (lost my voice for 2 days, had sneezing, coughing and a runny nose). These symptoms were just slightly bothersome since other than the symptoms I felt perfectly fine. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has specific health problems or even if you have no health problems and just want to feel better.
  • Fritz - the WHOLE pictureThis review is not like others explaining how Pink Floyd is the greatest and all others must kneel before them (though they are my favorite band). Instead I bring up a point often overlooked in concern with the Wall. Many "fans" claim this album is decent, with only a few good songs and lots of filler, the problem is that that's not filler. The Wall, like many Floyd albums, is a concept album. the entire album tells a story, the story of an isolated, sad dejected boy who grows up to be a rock star, lives fast takes drugs (comfortably numb) and loses his wife (one of my turns, don't leave me now) and bulids a wall around himself to keep from being hurt or feeling emotions (hence the name, THE WALL) so, while many songs sound like filler try listening to the whole album at once and see if you can understand the subplot. or hey, if you really want to go see the movie they made about it ( aptly tiltled The Wall)