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  • Chuck Simmons - Great read for the entire family!Ann Coulters work as always was fast and fun to read. She describes the racial bigotry that goes on inside the democratic party as par for the course. Unfortunately I had to buy Mugged at books a million, because amazon ripped me off and never sent the book after I fronted them, again, with my hard earned money. Their excuse this time was that their subsidary Total Books dropped the ball. I hope this critque goes viral!
  • Patrick Sims - The GOLD STANDARDBest STEP preparation book hands down. And everyone knows it. I don't know a single medical student not using this book to prepare. Use it as your mainstay for the test and use BRS/Rapid review subject books to fill in the gaps.
  • Brendon Brewer "Astrobren" - Sam Harris = clarityWhether you end up agreeing or not (and I do), this book is a fascinating read. Sam Harris has a unique talent for making traditionally confusing topics appear crystal clear. This is not because he is ignoring the nuances (most of the difficulties with his proposals are discussed, and they are difficulties, not problems) but because, when you get down to it, things really are quite simple. Ethics is about improving the lives of sentient beings, and some choices are better than others at achieving that. For more details, read The Moral Landscape!