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  • Huskerhawk - Microsoft finally did it rightWindows 8 is really slick. I know many people hate it, and I was one who delayed converting because of the reviews and bad experiences I read about. I finally built a PC and bought a touchscreen for it, so I installed win8...and we love it. I even upgraded two more PCs and use touchpads and regular mice with those, and it's amazing. If you're scared off by the reviews, give it a try and some time to get won't regret it.

    I mention that because once you familiarize yourself with Win8, a Windows phone is a no-brainer. I've used iOS and Android...of those two, I prefer Android. But Windows8 is now my favorite. The live tiles are cool, being able to customize your home screen, re-size tiles...all very slick.

    The camera on this phone is great. Low-light pictures are really good. No comparison to other smartphones. In regular lighting, I think it's comparable to others, but not outstanding. Haven't shot video yet, but I understand that is another area it can excel in.

    The size and weight were a big concern BEFORE I got the phone. I had read the reviews and people, even those who liked the phone said the heft was a significant drawback. I had used a GS3 previously, so I was concerned that I was going to a phone with a smaller screen but significantly more "weight". I can tell you now that it's way overblown. The size and weight are not significant at all. It's definitely heavier but it doesn't feel disproportionately so. It has a really good feel in your hand and the weight seems to contribute (positively) to that.

    It's very intuitive to operate and since it's Windows-based, you just plug it in to your PC and it opens like any other drive or device in explorer. Drag and drop files between folders...very simple.

    The wireless charging is probably the coolest part of this phone. You just set it on the plate and it charges. I got a free wireless charger with the phone, so it's not even any extra cost right now. Now that I've had this, I wonder why every phone doesn't make this standard! So easy and cool. I bought an extra charger to take to work!

    The one negative you may find, especially if you are a big app user, is that there is not the volume of apps available yet for windows. I don't use a ton of them, and I was able to find either the same app or a comparable/better alternative for everything except for one. I'm not typical, probably, so consider that before you jump in. However, things like the Nokia Music app are free and you can download music for free to play on the can set up your own mix or go with theirs, and then download to listen offline. Update the list occasionally and you'll get a new mix. And it's all free.

    All in all, I thought the GS3 was the best phone I had used when I got it last year. It's still a great phone, but now having used the Windows based phone, I think Microsoft finally got this right. The seamless integration between phone and PC is finally evident and I can't believe it was MSFT that did it...I am really impressed with this phone.

    UPDATE: Battery life is excellent (for a smartphone). I can get through a day at work, with normal usage (mostly texting, checking email,listening to music on the commute) using only half the battery. It seems like it really conserves battery when the screen is inactive during the night. Much better than my Samsung android phones. I used less than 5% of the battery overnight on the Lumia vs. 17%-20% minimum on the GS3 and Note. Another thing that is nice is that on my GS3 I ran Avast mobile security but on the Win8 platform programs are all sandboxed so processes can't' hijack and run when another process is running, thus better security and no need to run additional software on the phone for security. That's very nice to know as well, especially given the popularity of MSFT hacks and attacks.
  • nowann - Better than prescriptionI've been dealing with cold sores as long as I can remember and am always on the look out for any product that will help me battle them. I've tried just about every product generally available, and some prescription drugs. In the end, Abreva has always worked best for me. I always keep two tubes on hand. One tube is usually enough to make it through one breakout - sometimes I need around 1-1/2. It stops me from breaking out if I apply when I feel the "tingle", and is usually resolved fairly quickly so I don't have to use a lot. If I apply after a sore breaks out, the Abreva seems to pull the pus out of the sores faster so the sore can dry out and heal faster (other products just seem to fill the sores more and it never goes away).

    The only thing I can think of to improve on this product is if they could make a way to make the gel clear/less noticeable. It's a bit of a hassle when you need to use this product and you have to present yourself in public places because there will inevitably (at least for me) be some evidence of having some weird white paste slathered all over your mouth... but I suppose it's always more noticeable when you're the one with the sore than to those who aren't and not really giving it a second thought.

    I recommend a try if you have cold sores. It's not a cure-all, but it's the best of what's available.
  • Jackie - Great little grill, I'd purchase the same againBought this grill at the local home improvement store. My husband worked at Home Depot for several years and wanted an infrared grill because he thinks they are the best. The assembly was a little tough, it took both of us about an hour. But now we have had the grill for 2 whole years so an hour's worth of assembly is no big deal. Grease does tend to accumulate on the grill, so sometimes we haul it out to the alley and degrease it. If you take out the heating element part (it is removable) you can just clean it and spray the grill down with a hose. Still works like a charm and gets really hot. Lots faster and cheaper than similar charcoal or gas grills. Good grill for an apartment or for a small family, maybe 3 or 4 people.

    UPDATE: 3 years later the grill is still going strong.
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  • T. Anderson "MommyputdowntheKindle!" - Truely an amazing read!I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was a quick read, but it kept my attention from beginning to end. It had a bit of everything I enjoy in a book...romance, suspense, intrigue, and humor. Some of the dialogue actually made me laugh out loud! And of course, my must have of any book, (mild spoiler alert), I got my happy, feel good ending! It was a complete story which didn't leave you panting for a sequel, but, if there were, I would definately read it!