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  • kknagel - Love the peace of mindI have been using Norton for years. I looked at other tools including free ones but always come back to this one. I found this avaialble for $28 for a 3 user license so can't complain about that one bit. I just wish Norton's renewal would be reasonably priced so I don't have to search for a deal year after year.
  • - It's Amazing how this simple diet really works!I'm following the "specific carbohydrate diet" book for one year and I have regained my health. I'd been struggling with colitis and the side effects from drugs for years. I'm getting off all the drugs with the help of this diet. Thank You Ms.Gottshall !
  • Pamela "Pamela" - An Important BookI agree with several other reviewers that Susan McDougal's book should be compulsory reading for every thinking American. Whether Republican or Democrat, Clinton-supporter or Clinton-hater, all should know as much detail as possible of the unremitting investigations into the life of a sitting president of the United States. McDougal's story is real. It happened and it happened here. We allowed it to happen. Even more alarming is the number of people who still believe it is okay that it happened. Even more alarming than that is that what happened to Susan McDougal occurred before September 11, before the terrorist threats, before we began to willingly jettison more and more of our prviacy rights and put our trust in powerful government employees, believing they will use their powers for good, exercise judgment, restraint and common sense, and always have our interests at heart. Reading McDougal's book should trigger alarms in all of us.Thank you, Susan McDougal, for your book. It is compelling reading and I salute you. May you be rewarded 10,000-fold for the injustices you endured. (And I hope your back is better!)