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  • Paul C. - GPS tracker for your dogWe have been pleased with our Tagg. It is very easy to setup. The location is very accurate. I put it on when we go for walks and I get immediately notified via text message and email when our dog has left the home zone. Through the phone app, I have experimented with the real time tracking and can see very accurately where we are on a map. Once we're back in the home zone, I get notified that we're back, safe and sound.

    The home zone can be configured to any radius that you want. Although it is only configurable to a point out from the base station. So no irregular shapes. If you want to make a virtual fence that follows the shape of your property, you can't do that. Only in a circle out from the base station.

    The tracker itself is not huge, but it is not tiny either. I don't think it would work for a cat or a small dog. My dog is a 30 lbs. Shiba Inu, and it fits fine.

    The website is informative. You can see the status of the tracker, how much battery is remaining, and where your dog is currently on a map. So you can see if your dog is still at home. I only have one, but if you have more than one, you can manage all of your trackers (dogs) through the website. You can also setup your notifications on the website. I added my wife's email to our notification list. So we both get notified when an alert is sent out.

    The battery life of the tracker is about four to five weeks, depending on how many times our dog leaves the home zone. When the tracker is in the zone, it uses less battery. When it is out of the zone, it drains more quickly. When we went out of town and our dog stayed at a friend's house, I left the tracker on him. It was about 60% charged, and we received a notification about 5 days later that the tracker needed to be charged.

    Overall, we've been happy with our Tagg. It isn't too big or bulky on our dog's collar. The base station is easy to setup and configure. Notifications are quick. Tracking is accurate. I would recommend it to others looking for an option to keep a virtual leash on your pet and be able to see where they are at any time.
  • Dancing in Midwest - Works GreatHad someone with the courage to tell me about my breath. I began using Dr. Katz products and use this rinse with the toothpaste and wetting lozenges. Immediate results 3 or so years ago and still using to this day. Spendy, but worth it and cheaper to buy on Amazon than in any drug store even with the coupons you will find inside the packaging.
  • eva kitty bumbulucz - Inspiering!Julia Cameron was able to inspire me with the tell of her own experiences. I am a Norwegian so please excuse my English. The authour made me believe in the way to open up when you're creativity is blocked. I managed to write a novel about my parents escape from Hungary in 1956 ( 263 pages novel which made me sign a contract with my first publisher ever). Because I decided to believe the text in the book , I also managed to open up my believe in the universal power of inspiration. Follow your instinct, let go and believe in the creativity that speaks through you. THANK YOU JULIA CAMERON for writing this book. I already recommanded it to a lot of people :-)