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  • submariner - She's REALLY BACK!!!Saw this concert on tv. Had to own it. Sade is back after a 10 year layoff and better than ever!!! What a performance.I only wish I could have been there personally. But in my town we're lucky to get one of the Pips. Just imagine Ladies and gentlemen we present THE PIP. This ain't South Florida. Soooooo we buy lots of concert DVD's and watch you enjoy yourselves AT the concert. I won't see Sade unless her bus breaks down. Concert on I95.
  • Plantation Jeanne - A MiracleIf you're reading this it's probably because you have been diagnosed with some form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Crohn's or UC in my case the disease is indeterminate. After 5 years of trying all medications with the exception of Remicade my case was spiraling downhill. The only thing that would help my continuous intestinal bleeding was ever increasing steriods, Entocort and Prednisone. After getting pancreatitis for the second time from Immuran I decided to try the diet since I had nothing to lose. Within two days my bleeding stopped and hasn't returned. I had a colonoscopy two months ago and the doctor was very surprised with my quiescent disease, no active inflammation. I wouldn't go off the diet today if someone offered me $10,000 to do so.

    The diet seems very overwhelming when you first read the book. I enlisted the help of my mother in baking me one SCD item a week. I've found if she makes a loaf of the SCD bread this really helps me get through with legal pizzas and toast. I've found a lot of convenience foods that work well for me too like raisins and dried apples. Good luck and give it a go!

    In summary this diet had helped me more than any medication or doctor in the last 7 months.
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  • JEREMYJONES - CANON 10-22MM WIDE ANGLE DREAM LENSI probably the nth person to praise this lens because it really deserves the credit. I'm not a professional photographer nor am I a novice shooter. I'm just your typical guy who takes shots whenever I have the time to get away from the stress of life. After going through several lenses in the past year I have to admit this was the only lens that met my needs. The quality of the pictures I took are superb and nothing beats the freedom of having a wide shot. No more backing up to eternity to fit everything in the pic. The bonus for me is the weight. Unlike other quality lens that I have handled, this is just right. Not to heavy, not to light. It fits just right on a canon t1i. I'm sure that everybody else will have second thoughts to buy this lens especially because of the price. All i can say is that no regrets. In my opinion its worth the price and definitely worth saving up for. I call it a dream lens because among all lenses that I used, it was the only one that gave a realistic capture of life's precious moments. I highly recommend it.