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  • Jonathan Andrew - I got rid of cable, I just use a Roku now.Since getting our Roku, we have gotten rid of our expensive cable bill. I replaced a WDTV device with the Roku, and really like the additional channels and even live news channels. It seems like more and more channels are being added all the time. As an Amazon Prime member, having access to Amazon Instant Video with the Roku is a nice feature. The only complaint I have is that YouTube isn't available on this, but the WDTV had it. The remote control works great, and doubles as a NES-style gamepad if you want to use the Roku for playing games (which I don't). Another nice feature is using the Roku app to stream photos and videos directly from the phone, and it doubles as a TV-guide style remote control too, which is neat.
  • John L. Gibson - The Best of the BestDavid Brooks, the editor, made outstanding selections from this year's unbelievable essays. I was stunned by them. Medicine and death were subjects well covered.