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  • stan makowsky - Very Happy with New GarminI updated the Garmin's map software via an Internet connection and the map software is current! The screen is 6 inches wide and provides the driver a very clear screen that is large enough to clearly view the directions to the destination. The Garmin attaches to the windshield via a rubber suction cup.

    I am very happy with the product! Additionally, the Garmin offers the owner lifetime internet updates to the maps database. I have also purchased a Garmin for my friend who is on the road as part of his job.

    Once again I am very happy with this purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kimlyn007 - Flawless SkinI am so excited to see bareMinerals on Amazon now! I have been using bareMinerals for 3 years now and it has changed my life. I have super sensitive skin and severe allergies. I also teach preschool and I am out in the sun on the playground and my makeup stays fresh and it has sunscreen built in. Other foundations would drip off and my skin would itch. I do live in Florida so I use mineral veil first and finish with it and carry it with me in the mirror compact. This product healed my skin. I was having an reaction to Allegra and my face had these huge itchy bumps under the skin. I went a month without makeup and no help. When I found this, my skin felt better the first day I used it and began to heal and it also covers two scars that I have. My eyeshadow and blush go on so smoothly and I get compliments daily on my skin. No one thinks that I wear foundation! When people ask about my skin, I tell them bareMinerals and they always freak out and go buy it! Now I can order it from Amazon and not drive over an hour to the Mall in Orlando to buy it! It is really economical, a little goes a long way! I also used a more expensive brand sold in salons and the fragrance bothered me and made my eyes water. BareMinerals has no frangrance that I can tell and I haven't had a problem with my eyes.
  • CinTex - The Best Reference Book I have used.This is by far the Best reference book on coins and coin values I have ever used. The details and photos are clear. Most of the photos of the variations to look for are in color and are up close and detailed. I liked the spiral binding as the book lays flat and I can bend it over if needed when I only need to reference one page. This is a book for both the beginner or advanced collector.
  • R. Jones - Great HoseWe bought these hoses from the Xhose website and were skeptical, but took the chance. They work very well and we have two 50 footers at our house in Centennial, CO and two 50 Footers are our Ranch Property in Como, CO. There are two things that I would caution you on. The first is they have plastic fittings and we are not sure how long they will last, but they seem to be pretty rugged, but with all plastic I get concerned. The second is that the outer webbing sheath is an attraction to dogs who like to chew and to birds or rodents that want to make a nest. The dog problem is one at our home in Centennial because they are in the backyard running around, so we just roll it up when we are done using the hoses. The birds or rodent problem is one of our ranch problems, so we roll it up. They are so easy to roll up then we store them in buckets in the house or garage, but if you are going to have unsupervised access to these hoses by animals you might find them chewed up. These are the only problems that I could see with these hoses. However, I would buy them from the actually website as you get a better deal, but will have to wait about 2 plus weeks to get them.