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  • Pia S "Pia S" - Makes waiting so much easierI got this after my old kindle died and I really liked it as long as I had it. Only I did not have it for very long as my daughter saw it and she loved it so I ended up giving it to her. My daughter is 12 years old and love to watch movies, play games etc on this kindle. It is a great size for her, big enough that she can see her movies and games but not to big to bring with her. This has been great going on trips in the car, visiting friends or waiting at the doctors office, she can bring it with her and there is no complaining because she has to wait. Also if we want to just have a nice quiet time together and read a book its right there.
  • Susan Morrison - It's great - working well.I had an old Pharmaceutical Word Book and there have been a lot of new drugs on the market since 2005 so I am VERY happy with the new book
  • Marcie Tafoya - Broke down and bought it!After spending weeks reading reviews and researching several different options for hair removal I broke down and bought the Tria. I have only had it for a month and can already see a difference with my armpit hair. I also use on the bikini area and found that you really need to read the directions before using and shave as close a possible before use. It really does make difference when it comes to the pain factor. The closer the shave the less pain. I also purchase the Lido Cream Topical Anesthetic Cream but have found I don't need it for the armpit area. But the bikini line is another story.
  • G. Henson - It's long, but not one page too longThis series just continues to get better. There lives are adventuresome, but it never seems to reach the over the top stage. I think what I like best about these books are Jamie's and Claire's love for one another that binds them regardless of the many harrowing things that come their way. They fight, no doubt, but their love is never to be doubted. While each of these books are of epic length, I never think, "Get on with it already," as I do with other long books. Each of these seems just long enough to leave me ready for the next.
  • Milton "mtn biker" - works greatthis liner is very versitile you can have any combo of rear seats up or down.
    the plactic is non skid so your cargo tends not to roll around as much. Spill proof which is good if you have kids sitting back there.
    It was an easy install took minutes to install, it takes a while for the plastic to get broken in but it works great, doesn't fall off or anything. Would recommend this over the mat that comes with the vehicle which is useless unless you don't plan on using the back seats and keep them down all the time, which was not my case.