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  • T-Con - It is better then everyone says!!!Ever since i have installed windows 8, my PC has ran faster and much more efficiently. In BF3 I saw a boost in FPS by about 10-20 on ultra graphics. With skyrim on Highest settings with multiple graphics improvement mods i have seen a similar jump in FPS. I am truly pleased with the performance upgrade of this product. And the new Start menu is not bad at all. i actually prefer it over the old one. It searches faster and has helped me keep better management of the applications i have installed.I am extremely pleased with the product and will defiantly recommend it to anyone.
  • Nancy Ball - Following my family's results!Over a year ago my brother who struggles with alcoholism and diabetes called me to say he and his wife were going to try this hydrogen therapy and lent me the book. After a month my brother went in to see his doctor for a check up and was asked what had he been doing because his blood glucose was perfect? In fact everything was perfect. Now just over a year later and my own husband has been diagnosed with Diabetes, but now is willing to do something about it. We read Wheat Belly and have cut out breads, pastas, and cut out potatoes with good results but are now ready to start the hydrogen therapy!
  • Horsebytes - Love this little pocket sized guide!I'm really impressed with this little pocket drug guide. It uses abbreviations to pack a lot of information into a little amount of space. The abbreviations are listed in the front of the book and the more you use this book the easier it gets. All the need to know information seems to be listed including the most common trade names and even common unlabeled uses as well as side effects, doses, interactions, and labs.

    I looked up dopamine to just try one drug to check it out and the first thing it tells me is the trade name (Intropin), that it is a vesicant and "give phentolamine w/extrav" it goes on to give all the info you'd expect, want, and need.

    This book easily fits in a scrub pocket and a few index cards with other information needed can be tucked inside the front cover (3" x 5" fits perfectly). I wanted to buy 2013 edition but none is listed. A 2014 edition is on amazon but not printed yet - available for pre-order.

    FYI I bought the 2014 Lippincott's drug guide and returned it for this one - yes it's that good!
  • CakeOrDeath - As good as the sugar filled version!This is one of those rare treats that you don't have to sacrifice flavor for the sugar-free aspect. I actually went back and checked the bag to make sure I got the right ones!

    As with any sugar free product, you don't want to overindulge. I usually have 5-10 of these at a time with no ill effects.

    I would prefer a smaller package size if it were up to me. It's not up to me, though, so I use the wide-mouth jar sealer with my FoodSaver and I vacuum seal these in half gallon jars to keep them nice and fresh.

    Will most definitely purchase again!