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  • D. Limbach "Gadget Guy, Digital Media Produce... - They also make great earringsJust when you think a product couldn't get any better, it does. My wife and I had been happily slicing bananas for months with our His and Her Hutzler 571 Banana Slicers. One evening, my wife and I were dressing for a dinner party, and she couldn't find any accessories to go with her little yellow cocktail dress. A light bulb appeared over my head, and after a few minutes in the workshop, the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer earrings were born.

    She was the hit of the party.

    Thanks, Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer!
  • Michael Whiteman Jones - An extraordinary, thought-provoking masterwork!You may be tempted to dismiss this smart-looking book as another cheap attempt to ride the current wave of hysteria surrounding the global huge-ship crisis.


    Capt. Trimmer covers all the finer points of avoiding huge ships in one handy, tersely written volume. Early chapters like "Staying at Home," "Avoiding Large Bodies of Water," and "Don't Live in Port Cities" cover the basics of avoiding huge ships for newbies, while later chapters such as "Take an Airplane Instead," "Creating Space With Torpedoes," and "Getting a Huger Ship" explore some of the often-overlooked options for preventing huge-ship collisions.

    I can't recommend this book highly enough. Since reading it, haven't had a single bad encounter with a huge ship, and I've reduced my anxiety medication by more than 50 percent.
  • Joseph J. Slevin - A Worthwhile Journey - Essential for Career DirectionI researched Bolles' updated for 2005 and it is still a classic. My review below still stands, but updated as follows.

    Bolles' advice on the new realities we are struggling under is very pointed. There are jobs and ways to find them if you know what you want and where to find them.

    I still think if people were to use this book as a workbook it they would discover so much about themselves.

    Bolle's book is still timeless for job seekers of all kinds. I feel that his book updated each year to meet the current trends in society is critical. He needs to address those issues, like the web, downturn in the economy and the like.

    The most critical part of the book is the self evaluation section. This is a very structured process that can be used intutitively as well. Bolles asks you to write a few stories about yourself, then, what did you like and dislike about those stories? What did you do well, where did you fail or feel challenged beyond your abilities? These are the critical areas of the book that take time to get through, yet you can evaluate yourself and understand what you like, it is what you do best, usually.

    We excel what we are good at, according to Bolles, this method will help us discover what we are best at.

    I have recommended this book to many over the years, and still do. Whether someone is in college, or someone is going through a long term transition after being in a job for a long time or moms returning to the work place, this book will be very instructive for you.

    One of his processes is very simple asking you to compare who you would most like to talk with or groups of people you would rather relate with. This is a standard set of tests for some very expensive career consulting, he gives it to you for the price of his book and the time to self evaluate yourself. Then, he breaks down the possible job areas and skill sets related to these groups.

    Again, a worthwhile journey for anyone not wanting to wander any longer in the world of work.


    Job Coach
  • NaniT - Extreme Nutrient DensityThis product is a veritable POWERHOUSE of nutrition. Pretty sure ,considering most american's could pretty much live on this stuff! I read many reviews and agree that GOL Raw Meal can be difficult to make palatable,...BUT...lets face it, you are just NOT going to get this intense, dense nutrition in such a small ,convenient package and have it taste like a frothy, fruity smoothie !!The taste does grow on you, and its much easier when I tell myself that I could not afford or in any way, have the time to eat this well on a regular basis!! I personally think the trade off is WELL worth it!! Like many others I mix with Almond or FF Milk and water with frozen fruit and drink IMMEDIATELY.
  • John Dunten - Just what I neededMy daughter in law is lawyer and specializes in making wills. I asked her how much she would charge and was told $350.00 was the family price.
    I called my son, who is also a lawyer and was told to not pay her but go on line and that is where I found WilMaker Plus.
    Very easy to download and fill in the blanks. I would recommend this product to any one and have.