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  • shopgirl - Great product!My husband broke a tooth that had to be pulled a week before our son's out of town wedding. I googled and found this product through their website. I was worried it would not arrive before we left for our trip in a few days. Even though I was sceptical of the product I took a chance and ordered, it shipped the same day and arrived within two days. There is a learning curve and it took a few tries to get it just right as I got it too thick or too tall but the great thing is I put the tooth back in the hot water, softened it, reshaped it and it was just right. No one could tell my husband had lost a tooth in the front unless they were to look really close. My husband took it out when he ate and of course to sleep in. We decided to make another one to have a replacement if needed. The first tooth we made as the company instructed but once it was shaped in his mouth and we removed it to set under cold water we tended to squeeze it or mess the shape somehow and it took a few times to get right. This time we shaped it in his mouth, instead of taking it out to hold under cold water to set he kept swishing cold water around it while in his mouth, it hardened and it fit perfect, he could wear it comfortably to eat without any movement. Unfortunately one day he ate a tomato based food and it stained it (turned it quite yellow). We made another and it too has the tight fit (with the swish the cold water method in his mouth) and he doesn't have to take it out to eat (although the company says that you should) however he does if eating any tomato based food. Temptooth is a great product and for those who don't have the time to get a proper dental replacement or can't afford a flipper or bridge this is the product for you. I am so happy we found this product, took a chance and ordered. We got our money's worth and the customer service is the best!
  • Joanne - Not a miracle pill but it works!I'd heard all the good stuff about garcinia cambogia so decided to give it a go.

    I bought this product after checking out its HCA content and the amount it gives per day which seems to be more than anyone else.

    I'm not massively overweight I just needed to move 14 pounds or so.

    I decided to do some exercise as well to give myself a chance even though I hate it:)

    Took a few days for the effects of the pills to kick in but I did feel less hungry - not sure if this is the pills or my positive attitude.

    Either way fast forward 20 days later and I'm half way to my weight goal without dieting or killing myself exercising.

    These pills work for me so I will be grabbing some more and hopefully by 6 weeks in I'll have reached my goal.
  • Jenny Lewis - For once, many reviews here are wrong!It is just as one user wrote before me... this product can be downloaded for renewal of a currently installed Norton product. The key is available to write down before you even press the download button. Write it down. When you open Norton, find where it says to renew, and there will be a place to input the key you have. Once you do so, you will be protected for 366 days. This is SO much cheaper than downloading from the Norton site, which was $39.99 for 3 computers (while I only have one). Thanks again Amazon!
  • Zbodhimama "spiritabroad" - Just the thing for the holidays any time of year.If you are a fan of Ree Drummond, you will love this book. It is richly illustrated, much like her blog posts, and the recipes are delicious things most families would love to eat. There are pictures of her family and ranching world throughout, as well as her delightful personal comments. It is fun to read, and occasionally even brought a tear to my eye, and how many cookbooks can do that?!
  • James J. Todd "Manquenian" - Wow, one of the best books I've ever readOne of the best books I've ever read. It's so realistic. It feels like a true tale of a nuclear apocalypse. I love his style of writing too. I couldn't put this book down from the start. It's very sad, and also very disturbing--so a little warning. I liked it far better than "All The Pretty Horses".
    If you are into mild Sci-fi, great writing, plot, amazing fleshed out characters get this now. To me it feels like every post apocalyptic movie and video game was based on this--from Mad Max to Fallout.
    (It's amazing how no names were ever used in the book to describe the protagonists, "The man, The boy...", (you'll see---pure genius)