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  • KenT. - Excellent!!! Though a bit simplified-MIGHT BE BETTER that way!Excellent!!! Can't say enough positives about the Book - The book BTW is a more conversational style, maybe to make absorbing the complex concepts much easier... I can see a follow-up Book/Workbook coming out in a couple of years. I recommend you review the other earlier reviewers comments for supplemental books, you WILL take your personal success levels up a few notches within a few months of using these Books/Workbooks.
  • n2shooz - Works great.I normally buy this at Wal-Mart but when they had not restocked in a few weeks, I had to find it somewhere else. I take one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening and it keeps me regular without harshness.
  • waubay "waubay" - Karma magnetI really enjoyed this book! The main character is soulfully and irresistibly honest. She accidentally but magically touches and changes the lives of everyone she meets. She emits good karma and she collects good karma. And she shows you how one can suffer the worst kind of tragedy and learn from it and grow from it. This was a quick read. A delightful read. I'd recommend it for boys and girls, teens and adults.
  • Norelle Hunt - Eye opening and practicalThis book made a huge difference for my husband who was suffering from a bad case of ulcerative colitis. Her approach is so sensible and based in science, it's a mind bender why doctors are not utilizing her knowledge. Within a few days of following the diet suggested, my husband had a great improvement in his symptoms. I'm recommending this book to all my friends who have "stomach problems" and those who have lactose intolerance.