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City: 20171 Herndon, Virginia

  • Derek Chew - Small, portable and extremely handyBeen using the Dyson DC44 for about 2+ weeks now... its pretty light and has good suction... the fact that it is in easy reach makes its more convenient for frequent impromptu clean up jobs keeping the house spic and span...

    Battery life is sufficient for me but might be a problem for folks living in large houses...

    One thing I like is this vacuum cleaner is a lot quieter than the full sized Dyson vacuum cleaners which I am used to...
  • Suziebaum - It works!I got this kind of as a joke, thinking it couldn't work. We wanted to wait to find out the sex of our baby at our doctors office, but the day after we found out i used the test, just for see if it works, and it was accurate!
    I don't know what the accuracy rates are but it worked for us!
  • Brian Katz - Ann Coulter is is a knock out! I hope she reads this review :)I am currently "reading" Ann's book "How to Talk a Liberal if you Must," and I just couldn't wait until I was finished reading it before reviewing the book, so instead of reviewing the book itself I am going to take this opportunity to review the icon that is Coulter. I respect her opinions although I do not agree with all of them, I believe she takes a uniquely uncanny and highly controversial approach to politics, she speaks her mind, she has a sense of humor about all aspects of life and her overall outlook on life is all in good fun, almost as though it were a big game and someone's got to win it! I am a jewish conservative living in Israel and born in the USA, she supports me and my nation no thanks to the majority of American Jewry who are liberals!!! Ann Coulter you're the best, I recommend anything she writes, it's all worth the read. (Ann if you read this you can contact me at "")
  • Lover of books, sewing, kayaking - Perfect for my small bizI've used versions of this product for about 6 years to help me track contacts and prospects and to merge e-mailings and mailings/envelopes. For that alone, it's paid for itself over and over again. I chose the 2011 version because of reviews stating it works well and has few glitches compared to newer versions. It merges nicely with CardScan, tho it took a while for me to get it just right. Now that I do, everything syncs well.

    Wish very much that ACT developers could work with Windows software developers to figure out how to dial using my cell phone. I miss that option now that I don't use a landline.