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  • GC Book Reviewer - If you suffer, THIS will change your life...I have suffered from a breath "affliction" my entire life. I never knew of any non-surgical remedies for this. Awhile back, I discovered solutions for this problem area and have settled on TheraBreath as my choice brand. This has changed my life so much that I cannot count the ways. No longer am I embarrassed by seeing and hearing the reactions of people who catch a whiff of my malodor or even seeing them struggle to prevent from showing a reaction. True halitosis sufferers, you know what I mean.

    Please bear in mind that with this brand or other comparable brands, do not expect the taste to be easily palatable, at first. In no time, you will be used to it and will actually appreciate it. I use it twice a day along with the TheraBreath toothpaste and a tongue scraper (and flossing, of course). The process is not as long as you might imagine. My typical regimen is:

    1. Pre-rinse/gargle with TheraBreath oral rinse
    2. Scrape tongue
    3. Brush with TheraBreath toothpaste
    4. Floss
    5. Post-rinse/gargle

    I spend about 6-8 minutes both in the morning and before bed. IT IS SUCH A SMALL PRICE TO PAY to have a renewed sense of self-esteem and confidence in social dealings.

    I have experimented with what skipping a day or two would do by returning to just your normal popular brand oral care products. I can feel/smell my natural malodorous breath return quickly.

    I recently tried and then purchased the lozenges. They are merely small, individually wrapped breath mints but are GREAT to put one or two in the pocket when going out. You just take one when you feel your mouth begin to get dry. With other breath freshening gum and mints, you are frequently popping more trying to mask the scent. So you don't have to worry about carrying a bulky pack of gum, a roll of mints, or a can of Altoids. And one goes a LONG way. (For the record, I almost NEVER use them. I only keep one with me for "emergencies" but rarely feel the need to use it.)

    Dr. Katz's website is informative if you would like to learn more about it.

    Also, do not believe that this will give you permanent fresh breath. These products do not "mask" your breath like mouthwashes and gum do. It will ELIMINATE the REAL bad breath causing GERMS. If you do not keep up the daily use, those germs will grow back. But if you eat an onion sandwich or a squid-salad, that isn't bad breath... that's FOOD-breath.

    This review is not for those who just "believe" they have bad breath. This is for those who have suffered greatly the alienation that is felt with the affliction of chronic halitosis. I am writing this review in the hopes that it will help other sufferers like myself.
  • Beverly Solomon "Creative Director" - Straighten Up!As a former model, I have practiced "good posture" but to my surprise, I would have back pain on occasion. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read on the human anatomy. Esther Gokhale takes you on a highly visual journey around the world that shows people of other cultures doing hard labor. Unlike the west, these people are virtually pain-free with beautiful posture. Despite their status in the world, these people walk, stand and sit like royalty.
    Gokhale teaches us in 8 steps how to correct our body structure through specifically designed exercises. I suggest that you get this book before you experience back pain. And please give this book to anyone who is already suffering with back pain. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale should be in everyone's library next to the Family Medical Guide.
  • NFlagator - Great for Job seeking NewbiesI purchased this book as a Christmas gift for a young man during his senior year in High School. I waited to provide a review on this book until I could see what affect the book had on him. From my point of view, the young man was rather introverted. He had never had a job other than mowing lawns in the neighborhood and didn't have a clue about the shark infested job market or what career direction he wanted to pursue. I believe his lack of self-confidence and experience in this realm practically paralyzed him. I am happy to say he has now been through several job interviews. Though one job was short lived, he has been employed at the second job he landed for several months and says he is enjoying it. I believe the book gave him the insight needed to lessen his fears and helped him take those first steps into the big world and find a job he was suited for.
  • Al Kantner - Office for MacAs a former PC User and Microsoft Office 2003,2007 and 2010 Versions I found this product to be exactly as anticipated and pleased to be using a product on my Mac that works as well what I have been using in the past on my PC. The functions I am use to work every bit as good on the Mac platform as Windows 7.