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  • Homebody707 - Upgraded from 2012 with no issuesIt seems like they fixed all the issues since they first released it. I'm not sure what others are seeing, but I had no issues upgrading from 2012 and the IOS app works perfectly. I don't need to remember anymore what i spent cash on when I'm out of the house, because i can just put in a cash transaction on the fly on my iPhone and then sync it back to my desktop install. I was extremely hesitant to upgrade after reading all of the poor reviews, but then saw a few people say the issues were addressed so I thought I'd give it a try. If you're at all concerned, do what I did:

    1. Backup your 2012 data.
    2. Upgraded to 2013.
    3. Don't do a bank sync right away. Test out the features on your phone and sync that to see if 2013 pulls data down from their cloud without errors to your local Quicken install.
    4. I did this for 5 days and then did a sync with my bank. No issues whatsoever.

    My plan was to downgrade back to 2012 and get a refund for 2013 if it didn't work flawlessly.

    I'm syncing to 3 different bank accounts and 2 credit cards. No issues. I really was expecting to have to deal with some problem, but I may be one of the lucky ones. The release after all the updates ran is: R7 ( Home and Business edition.

    I know your results may vary, but I hope you at least give it a try because the new features with the mobile client are what I've been waiting years for and it's been a great experience so far. And no, I don't work for Intuit. :)

    Good luck!
  • A. Madsen - Eases lower GI problemsThis probiotic product ALIGNAlign-Probiotic Digestive Care Balancing Defense, 49 Capsules (New Bonus Size) was recommended by my gastroenterologist to ease symptoms from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Stage 4 bleeding hemorrhoids by regulating my digestive system. I have used it for several months and recommend it highly but ONLY after consultation with your doctor to rule out any other medical conditions and/or if you have any other pre-existing medical conditions.
  • JasonDC - Great device! What's with the 1-star reviewers...1) Asus has announced they will unlock the bootloader. Why are people who don't even own the Prime giving it 1 star reviews? How are those reviews even still up? Apple forums are that way, fanboys -->

    2) The GPS isn't pinpoint. Who really cares? Are you planning on getting lost in the wilderness where somehow a more accurate GPS will help you find your way home? Who honestly thinks this is even worth docking 1 star. IT was a stupid oversight on Asus's part, but if this device didn't have GPS at all, I'd still buy it.

    3) Do not get the TF700T. People seem upset because they early adopted the TF201 and now Asus announced the TF700T. As recently announced, Asus will charge a $100 premium for a different case backing (read: GPS upgrade), upgrade from 720p to 1080p resolution, and a 0.7 mp upgrade on the front facing camera.

    Everything else is the same.

    This is the worst way to spend $100 I can think of. The difference between 720p and 1080p on a 10 inch screen isn't all that amazing or necessary. Additionally you can count on the battery life being worse to support the higher res (no evidence, but Asus said battery life will be "comparable" - code talk for worse but only slightly). The camera upgrade is negligible for 100% of users. So if it's worth it for you to drop $100 for better specs on paper, have at it. I'd rather spend that money toward the keyboard dock.
  • A. D. Lum - Expensive But Solid ProductIn a nutshell:

    In the PC/MAC-based CAD world there is AutoCAD and then there's everything else. The only bad thing about AutoCAD is the price. The initial price is high and the upgrades are high. If you just want to draw things for your own use, then you could save quite a bit of money by going with a lower end product. If you are planning to use CAD for professional or career reasons, this is the product you want.

    To give you a little background, I've worked with CADKey, which back in the day was a viable AutoCAD competitor but not now; CATIA, which is a high end system that was used (and maybe still is) at the Boeing Commercial Aircraft company, and DesignCAD, which is a low end package. I'm going to assume that the people who read these AutoCAD reviews have less experience with CAD and so I will tell you just what I think you want to know.

    As far as performance and capability, it doesn't get any better for 2D CAD on a PC/MAC-based platform (LT version). But is it is worth the price? It all boils down to what I hinted at before. If you are a professional and your work may be submitted to other companies - invest in AutoCAD. The other thing that justifies shelling out the bucks is if your career might require you to use CAD. I know two people who make quite a good living by contracting themselves out to companies who need CAD specialists. For those types, the investment is worth it.

    I program CNC machines for fun. But before I can program I need a drawing of the part I am programming for. My point is that AutoCAD is nice, but is overkill for a non-income generating activity like this.

    Now for a few comments on the program itself. The technology has come a long way from the time CADKey was still known as CADKey. AutoCAD (When I say AutoCAD, I mean both the full version and the LT version) has come a long way to make things faster and easier. On the PC platform AutoCAD uses the ribbon concept that Microsoft introduced. The MAC version doesn't use a ribbon, but it's close enough. The idea is that the things you are most likely to use are the easiest things to access. There is much less hunting for things than in the old days. Help is not far away, and the documentation of functions in the help system is good.

    If you are new to CAD and you are going to make the investment in AutoCAD, spend the time and money to train yourself. Buy a decent book and learn to use the help. Other than that - as with all things, practice, practice, practice.
  • KAY CARTER - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2012My only complaint would be that it requires a CSV file to transfer. I had an old DAT and would have liked to use it instead of retyping in all the information.

    Nice looking cards that I have used a little bit. I mainly keep the family address and birthday information for a large family.