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  • opiffle "Vicky M-M" - Squeeze for best results...For the last few weeks I was really enjoying the elegance, speed and smooth operation of this tablet until I squeezed the pins. Then, WOW!

    The wifi worked well and I didn't really mind that the GPS put me near Baltimore when I live in Southern California. I don't use my tablet for navigating because it's so awkward and clumsy mounting it in the car. However, I did miss it following me in Weatherbug. But after reading reviews talking about the Squeeze fix, I had to check it out. What a simple solution. (google Squeeze fix for Asus Transformer Prime). Everything works perfectly now. The wifi is just about at peak speed and the GPS is creepy good how well it follows me. I liked the Honeycomb OS in my Xoom, but Ice Cream Sandwich blows it away with its smoothness of operation.

    Oh, and after the update last week, my little Transformer is a wifi hotspot. ;)

    UPDATE (March 8,2012): As of today,all location apps seem to be happy. I just watched Weatherbug & Google Maps zip to my location from Morro Bay (where I was this past weekend)to my location at home. Hadn't used the apps since the weekend.
  • Jessi - Definitely worth trying!I have been using Fertilaid for 2,5 months to regulate my anovulatory cycle and I've started to see that it really works. Here is my story: I used to have a period every month before starting birth control pills for contraception. 6 months after I got off the bcp, I started to have weird periods (no period for 4 months, then a non-stop period, used provera, then no period again). Obviously I was not ovulating. My ob/gn suggested bcp again and told me to come again when ready to get pregnant by Clomid. She thinks I have pcos, although I don't have many of its symptoms except no ovulation, high LH/FSH ratio, and multiple cycsts in the ovaries. Anyway, instead of doing that I wanted to try these pills and during the second bottle I noticed I am having fertile cervical mucus, breast tenderness which were not there before, my constantly high LH started to behave well, and finally last month I had a period of my own! This month also I am experiencing the same signs. If you are planning to use this product, just be patient and use it for at least 2-3 months. Hopefully you will see the results soon! Good luck!
  • tbingh50 - Amazingly creative and cleverI didn't have much hope for this book because I chose it without reading any description or review but I was beyond surprised when this book turned out to be one of the most amazing things I have ever read. The author jumps from era to era weaving a wonderful story about all of the characters while slowly giving away details that make you stop and connect all of these seemingly random events and people. I thought the characters were perfect in their simplicity but they all have a certain depth to them that you have to find on your own. And it might be set during a time just after WWII but it doesn't focus on that. It is about the stories we leave behind and how we live our lives. I would tell everyone to read this if I could.
  • Arin Basu - Solid Research, Fast Pace, Rich ResourceShel Israel and Robert Scoble have authored an extremely interesting piece of work on the emergent technology. The book starts with a theory of how we access information (the "five forces" -- mobile, social media, big data, sensors, and location with an implicit assumption that the backbone of connectivity and availability of electrical power to run them will be/are ubiquitous) and then from there they have built on case studies and ideas on how these five forces have enabled context-sensitive applications synchronize with our lives around us. The numerous case studies, the ideas that grow out of them, and blending in the theory together make for compelling reading. They end the book with epiphany about the future developments, that are brilliant yet achievable, and anyone who is working at the coalface of new technology, will find here in this book a treasure trove of rich ideas (read: if you want to make it big, _read this book_. Your competitors will be reading it anyway).

    What made me give this book a five star rating? First of all, this book gives you a broad sweep of the existing technologies and applications, and links to each one of them, and essential reading links. If you love tinkering with new gadgets and are excited about new gadgets, I bet you will not be able to put it down once you start reading it. Second, the style of writing is so fluid, and so tight, and pacy, one wonders how did they manage to put together an astounding amount of research in short space yet tell a tight story of the present and future unfolding before you. The storytelling bit itself is worth the five stars. Third, few of us rarely have a chance to stand on the shoulders of a giant and view the future, and here you have it. Right on your screens/books.

    What could be done differently? There are tons of links (and very important links to innovators, leaders, texts, webpages, apps), those links alone are worth the price of this book. I'd also perhaps add an essential reading list at the end of the book. Some figures would be great, but none of these hold against the absolute brilliant storytelling and packed research that clearly shows in the book.

    All in all, a well researched, well-written, resourceful book that at once gives you the bird's eye view of the landscape of the "five forces" of technology and spurs you to innovate!
  • W. Fisher "--BilFish--" - A kiddo dream bookSanta brought this for our son for Christmas... he loves it, and so does his brother and all his cousins (younger and older). Just sort of a bizarro way to introduce the concepts of the breadth of the human condition, I suppose. Generally well done with lots of photos and small, interesting factoids.