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  • Mark Rickey "paradoxss" - What a differenceI have had diverticulitis since I was 25. I had colo-rectal surgery almost 10 years ago and do now watch what I eat, making sure to intake proper amounts of fiber. Even with all that, sometimes things just don't go so well. Since I started this product about 6 months ago, I have noticed such a great difference in the way my body 'processes' everything. If I stop for a few days I can immediately notice something is a bit off. Once I get back on it again, everything works itself out.

    It can be pricey but if you watch for Amazon instant coupons and use subscribe and save it's not a bad deal on here. Do yourself a favor if you have intestinal troubles and give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed.
  • true believer - absolutely amazing results!!!I bought this because I was having odor problems for years. I had been to the doctor got tested for everything and nithing was wrong.. . and tried every antibiotic available as well as all over the counter treatments. I just figured I would have to live with this problem and almost cried on a daily basis. My husband was very understanding but after 15 years I was so embarassed to b with him.
    NOT ANYMORE! !! I usually think all products are scams...but I was so shocked by this one. Water and stainless steel???? Who knew? I was so desperate to try anything.. and im so glad I came across this. It truly works. I feel fresh all day...no discharge or odor. This thing saved my sex life and my husband is sooooo much happier too. Thank you Abbott! !! U are a Godsend!
  • Elizabeth - Always QuickBooksQuickBooks was my first and only choice some 15 years ago. The CPA we had in the past and our current CPA also use QuickBooks. You really have taken the work out of bookkeeping. I have just started QuickBooks Pro 2013, to say I am thrilled is kind of a under statement. I have been able to show my husband how easy such things as sending all invoices, purchases orders and quotes direct by email. That within it self is a miracle, he has never been interested before. So, all I really want to say is it has always worked for me. Thank you for continuing to make such great products.